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  1. Well it looks like the White Sox are done for this year. Congratulations Twins. I hope you get swept in the post season. lol
  2. American's have the freedom of speech.
  3. Shit I still think its real. It was done very well. I don't know why everyone is hating on this video. It's pretty good even though it is fake. People always forget Youtube is for ENTERTAINMENT! Everything doesn't need to be real. It also doesn't need every fucken know-it-all saying everything is fake when we can all READ!
  4. Rays Yanks game looked like a good one last night.
  5. Fat ass Joe West back to his bullshit again.
  6. ^ Yeah but we played them at their house. And you played the Rangers at your house. Both Twins and Sox are doing well. I just hope we can sweep your asses when you come to the south side. That should be the defining series for the rest of the season. PLEASE JUST LOSE SOME DAMN GAMES! we need 3.5 games
  7. I would make sure this is accurate. I heard a story last year about students getting money back then spending it. Then the school realized it was a mistake and made the repay it. Call the Financial Aid office to confirm if this is correct. Maybe get them to sign off on it again so you won't have to repay it.
  8. That video made my eyes water. What a shame. That cop should get suspended without pay or even fired. I was thinking too. Where the hell was her inhaler?
  9. I stopped at a Waffle House to try it on my way down to Mississippi. I was very disapointed in the cracker thin jumbo eggo waffle i got. These are real waffles IMO
  10. Glad to see the Twins actually lose a game. Also to go in extra innings. How about Joe West. What a fucken tool. I hate that guy.
  11. Syre

    Im a daddy!

    Congrats bro! I myself became a dad on August 10th. Boy 8lbs 10oz. its an awesome feeling.
  12. The customer service in McDonalds & Burger King are complete shit! They all move so slow and don't know what the hell is going on. It is so damn depressing in those restaurants. Only fast food place that has great customer service is Culvers. The employees are always attentive and smiling. I also noticed that everyone I go to never has black employees. Just an observation.
  13. Im not buying that BS story of him hitting a rock and it starting that fire. The asshole probably threw his cigar into the grass.
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