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  1. Shut up youre an idiot. Fucktheinternet probably said the most intelligent shit so far, The way you talk about graffiti you should have thirty tags on every block in the city, but you dont. You dont get up, you never were up and you will never be up. And by the way your "tags" wouldnt even make it past a first grade fingerpainting session so stop running at the mouth. Everyone should just drop this mural shit, the friscoe thread is a joke compared to the other ones on here. This thread doesnt even begin to do justice to the city, partly because of the gossiping that erupts after some bullshit is posted. I know some faggot is going to respond to this and start talking shit about me. I dont care. While youre tapping away at the keyboard about vandalism, im going to go out and actually do it. Quoted post [/b] I dont want to hurt your ego but graffiti is vandalism. stop the hatin in the frisco thread.there aint no haters out this way. take that shit somewhere else.
  3. thats what graffiti is all about, VANDALISM i didnt know there were rules for vandalism
  4. chili those red bellies look crazy!!!!!
  5. this building was way sicker before Quoted post [/b] that mural was dissed. it was just a matter of time. that mural was redone because the same thing happened to the mural before it. everyone tagged in it, then BMB did fill-ins over all the tags. and the same people that tagged in it were bitchin and whinin some toy also tagged in and around that old famous crayone bob marley on Haight. then BMB did fillins over that!!! toys were bitchin and whinin now that icp production is untouchable. icp should just handle that spot too!!!
  6. what about the chek and dlae to the left of this? those BMB pieces were the first ones there!!!!!!!
  7. i don't even paint freights anymore and when i did it was about an hour away from the place in particular that i'm talking about. i don't think they would argue that it's my yard. no one should debate that. my whole problem was with them sporting blue rags, because speaking of "everyone who knows u knows your not a gangster", destn and company should not be sporting a red or blue bandana. my advice is for them to get a black one, those are real trendy right now and you're not gonna push any buttons with most bangers... i don't even wanna talk about this. i just wanted to make a point, stop arguing with my point of views and shit... damn. Quoted post [/b] if you dont even paint trains anymore how is it your yard????is it because of that one piece on the wall?????
  8. we're cool, but please do not sport no blue bandana in my yard (yes, that's my yard you've been painting, you know which one). thanks! Quoted post thats in the middle of oregon and you have never been there. Quoted post i don't care where that is and i never plan on going out in the middle of oregon.. they paint my yard religously and if i walk in my yard and see someone wearing a blue bandana i'm gonna be on the offense. Quoted post [/b] THE BMB CREW DESTROYS ANY FR8 YARD.YOU SEE WHAT WE DO!!!!!WE DONT FUCK AROUND. AND IF WERE PAINTIN IT RELIGOUSLY I GUESS ITS OUR YARD NOW
  9. there is a chek tag in all these flicks
  10. those gangsters are fuckin scary lookin :shook:
  12. you can make money off these groupie hoes you get while doing graff
  13. fuck buying paint...you gotta go rackin!!!for paint and cool shit, . why would you hire a damn lawyer for some petty misdameanor graff charge????you will pay more for the lawyer than the fine or community service.
  14. dat BMB CREW gets busy in the bay for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE CHEERS, SICK AND ASADA
  15. i got these this morning.... it should be gone by wednesday. BMB CREW beeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaatch!!!!!! RACKAFELLA$
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