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  1. i dont think it wud be the best place to be gettin up considerin theres no graff and everycommunity is prob inbred. and secondly like at the bit where hes (ego) post 2 different messages one after another?????
  2. anon what sorta dumb comment is that about pfb, i think it wud put a smile on most ppl's faces knowin that pfb went out and done a whole train. i know for one i wud, wud be pure freshness and just for the simple fact they got out there and done something after so long!!
  3. i spose lds and the like bit romania, u chump!
  4. bob could you gimme a pm at some point cheers
  5. thames turbo seen at guildford bout an hour ago, no zamera!
  6. its fuckin fresh, now ssshhhhhh!
  7. the magneic things are just them boxes in between the tracks u can walk over them. i put my hand on the third rail in a yard just gave me a little shock, not sayin its a wise idea to do it tho! second on tracks im pretty sure they turn the power off at night many a drunken time ive touched the third rail! and ive heard rumours about the current only movin a certain distance infront and behnd the actual train! and rain is not a gd idea either, a certain writer had a very bad accident a few yrs back on over heads and that first cost thing is bang bang!
  8. the kast and raw are very odd looking br's!! and that avea is terrible!
  9. if hes your hero and u respect him so much and wanna eat his crack so much, how comes u didnt already know about it!? fool!
  10. ffs do any of u on this shitty cuntin fuckin sit no anything about anything! do any of u who post on this shitty toyed up piece of shit cunt thread know o'clock personally, u ever been his house and had dinner with his faminly NO! so what the fuck does it mean to u if he got caught!??? its old fuckin news any way aint like it happened just yesterday if u dont know the goings on then u dont need to know u obviously aint in a position where ppl are goin to or want to tell u! and for most of u u prob dont know any one and get ur info off a friends friends cousins mum or off this stinkin piece of hot steamiing shit! those who know dont tell, those who tell done know!! simple fuckin as!! leave personal and incriminatin info to word of mouth not on the WORLD WIDE WEB where any buffoon has access to!
  12. was the desiro 2 panels on 1 carriage and another on the carriage next to them?
  13. and who cares about u???? ur just a cunt anyway Quoted post [/b] and ur point bein sersious sid?
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