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  1. I've only shot that suppressor on an indoor range where other people were shooting without suppressors, so I couldn't say for sure. If it would be safe to shoot anything through it without hearing protection, it would probably be subsonic .300blk outdoors. I won't really know for 6-8 months. My .22 suppressor, however is quiet enough to shoot in my basement without ear pro, and without the neighbors hearing...
  2. Nice desktop background up there!^ My suppressor got to my dealer, now for the long wait..
  3. Whoooo! Nice, did you get the collapsible stock/14" barrel model like in the pic?
  4. I know plenty of history. The eye had a gold tag on it that said "lepercan", which had almost totally faded away. That's it. I hear you had the same attention seeking techniques in Houston. Maybe you should go back there.
  5. Yes, it is a side bust, and it's not a good look. There are plenty of spots that don't have anything on them to paint. He also went over the eye fill on fulton gas works next to hunt, which got gone over, then he went back and did one next to the fixed eye fill. TOY
  6. Thanks. If you want a colored frame glock, they made them in OD green like my 23 up there, and flat dark earth (tan). The colored frame versions are a little more expensive because there are way more all black ones, so people selling the colored frames think they have some sort of special collectors item.. If you wanna paint the whole gun, I would suggest the oven cure Cerakote over Duracoat. Or you could just use some vintage krylon and get all hip hop on it, haha.
  7. Got the HK45c! In there somewhere..
  8. Yeah, it's the longest I've ever waited for a handgun.. But locally a black one with 2 mags and no night sights runs about $1200, and the group buy FDE ones come with 3 mags (don't know if you've ever had to buy an HK mag, but they're genrally $50-$75!) and night sights for $925. i am starting to get antsy, haha.
  9. The pistol or the suppressor? The suppressor takes so long because of the ATF form. 6-8 months is the average right now for a Form 4. I already bought it, but can't legally posess it until the tax stamp comes back. The HK is from a group buy on HKPro back in october. They did a special run of the HK45c with a FDE (the color of the original prototypes) frame only for that group buy of 296 pistols. It took this long to work them into the regular production schedule. Some people that live in states with magazine capacity restriction laws pending already got theirs.
  10. Newest firearms for the collection.. AAC 300 Blackout upper waiting on a Surefire SOCOM762 suppressor (should only be 8 more months, haha) And waiting on this to show up in the next month or so
  11. Daaaamn, that Gouls Hindue GoreB cryo!
  12. I'm a grown up, ok? I think I can decide when it is or isn't a good idea to tell other people what I do in my spare time. graff n dance? is that what the kids are calling it these days?
  13. Yeah, I can't even find a range with more than a 500 yard line anywhere near me. After reading about the MOA and Mil systems, I decided the Mil was easier for me.. Not necessarily everyone else. All my friends that are writers laugh/make fun of me when they find out I'm into guns. Most of my friends that I shoot with think it's so cool that I write. Weird.
  14. Scopes that adjust in Mils are closer to the metric system since they usually use 1/10 adustments. Easier for some folks, especially if you have any kind of mil based reticle and use it to range objects. 0.047 of an inch difference at 100, not 1000. Extra 0 by accident maybe?
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