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  1. your photos never cease to amaze. a true foto king!
  2. he's angry, but his words are so very true. i hate these shits. with the exception of the few writers that do them as a novelty, these shits suck. big up to pistol and flint707 tho.
  4. Iz killed em' with that one there dont know if these were posted already
  5. this dude was seriously no joke. not from looking at this thread, but from seeing tons and tons of his trains running. R.I.P.
  6. NO JOKE! Dondi's last subway <~
  7. I remember when seeing pieces of this when it was in production about 9 years ago. glad to see it finished
  8. SWX1994


    I met Sane a couple of times while growing up. Hard to believe someone so popular and influencial could be so humble and down to earth - he even rememberd my name the second time we met. as far as the cause of his passing i think it should be left up to the people who know the truth (family and close friends, and I am neither). this message board should just remind us of his legacy. http://steelwheels.org/INTERVIEW1.htm
  9. for those of you in the know - you know that sent is the very definition of burner - and style:
  10. be careful at that atlantas writers bench....i hears them FTRA fools frequent that spot.
  11. I hate you.... Quoted post [/b] "hate is a very very big mistake...it rhymes with frustrate and agrivate -let me just demonstrate, why i wont alleviate...." name that lyric and ill give you 2 cases of harbor blue rusto :-)
  12. the beat was fresh and the F.R.E.D. at the end was a nice touch.
  13. my fav. is the plain old dry turd Quoted post [/b] yeah thats from the eat shit car. one of my faves too. reas was definetly one of the dopest of all time - he brought the fun back to graffiti at a time when most people were all about being on some thugh shit. i have that car. i will post it when i get a round to it.
  14. while i am glad i got fliks of that car - i hate the fact that its blury. when that shit pulled up i was stuck on stupid for a few seconds in awe that this guy came back out for one last blast. by the time i composed myself the train was pulling out and this blury flik is the result.
  15. next time make them a little smaller. hey, you were out there and thats whats important.
  16. i normally post all the shit i cant read on 12oz with a few xtras from the site mixed in....the other piece is on steelwheels.org
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