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Everything posted by MrOzArK

  1. stolen from the south virginia thread (NC)
  2. Haha I love this spot i go to south of the border all the time Bump Live and all that even that hurtin jawn on the bottom left!:lol:
  3. My boy caught this in charlotte a few years back
  4. just shut up and people will stop hating on you on here they will still hate you in real life tho:D
  5. nice post man we need to get up and do some more benchin holla......
  6. ha ha bump weed bump smk RIP Myer
  7. once there was a kid at my school who wrote tone but then the other kids were like " someone writes tone in Ny" so they changed it... but now theres like a hundred tones
  8. oh it doesnt show what he said any more wack
  9. this does sound like something you would say....:)
  10. some fire u got there
  11. i miss goin bombing hit me up fools or we can go to the striperrrrrrrrs like i also like
  12. commonwealth state tho... i kno what they doin... they tryin to snatchus off tha street so they can reproduce they seeds wit our women...
  13. Phone on them NIB Mint condition Freights
  14. i think "sidebust" is the term used in this case either way its dope not like that trinity shit that got the phone buffed down here
  15. Then stop coming on this thread you piece of shit
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