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Everything posted by MrOzArK

  1. i want to hear some mc cigarettes mix tape yo
  2. i met petey pablo at pizza hut yesterday Virginia....RAISEEE Up... Take yo Shirt Off!!!! U knoe the rest
  3. i used to have that onyx shirt
  4. i caught that evade railbox in richmond in like o2
  5. try using the bricks as a guide if ur rocking straight letters unless u wanted them to just look sloppy just sayin
  6. some have to respect... these were given to me by my boy but i thought id share
  7. he put shaving cream on you when you were passed out and sprayed it all over my house we should take him out to portsmouth and drop him off
  8. i could have swore he wrote "fuck your glass" he thought the business owner did it
  9. rezist fell into that trap what a marvelous idea im gonna start booby traping shit too
  10. please dont feed the bazooka tooth u suk
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