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Everything posted by MrOzArK

  1. oh u def did i see the clone stamp
  2. did you photoshop the top of bigfoots head out of that flick? Nice Job! Its like one of those "whats the difference" machines at the bar
  3. bump all things with black 3d white shine.....
  4. snow monkeys are fukin ill i wan t to bump them...:lol:
  5. i usually dont like ppl who dry shit talk but... i think ive seen those same 5 pictures posted like 20 times, now some nite time shots? its a legal wall get over it
  6. i think its a paintbrush but who knows?
  7. that video probably ended in a huge quefe!:lol:
  8. this in va last one in nc
  9. oh that last shit is hot makin me thirsty
  10. got more but photobucket is being wack
  11. abandoned shit is the best!
  12. like prob ten years bump pyle & old crow
  13. caught this Beatriz? Deft on a silo near new bern always see it on my way to visit fam shits been runnin a minute
  14. god you are such an unbelievabe fucking loser, i didnt even know what your username on here was, but i do now because you for some reason felt the urge to let me know. seems like youre the one estalking me, why the fuck did you even send me a pm? get over yourslf, i wouldnt waste my tmne stalking anyoe, especially someone who cant handle grownup situations like a fucking man. if u have something u wanna say to me, say it to my face. in the meantime, FUCK YOU. im the e stalker
  15. theres some good shots of it on flickr
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