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Everything posted by MrOzArK

  1. rei 21 freak the dork next to that jems is superb!!
  2. i dont post that much but hey hes right with whatever he meant
  3. what happened to the basic rule structure is right why are we breaking laws here people it obv for the interviews and such that we want
  4. that hand style is the basis for all other va handstyles
  5. this website is super informational tho heer me now idren....
  6. looks like their version of judgement day includes spaceships from the movie independance day... watch out black jesus drives a flying saucer
  7. i so would have took that slot machine
  8. sorry bout that i d k how to fix it guess i posted too much like 200 flicks on here but if anyone can help let me know what to do
  9. fuk this bandwith shit should i delete old pics from my buket or what!!!!????
  10. Damn i caught this around 05-06 shit had a rough time
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