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  1. stukosucks

    my first post

    isto and big kerse!!! x3 Each2 i'm feelin that gable kind of too.
  2. stukosucks

    150 Years & Rolling

    the homie kerse on a mission, digging the new flavor.
  3. stukosucks

    The Savage Life at the Bench

    big mirg that isto is flippin' fire.
  4. stukosucks

    Arizona Iced Tea With Lemon Flavor

    korl and motherfuckin werkone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that fatso is doooope. i got rio high once.
  5. stukosucks

    they whATCHIN'!!!

    BIG SHORE!!! that sigh is dope
  6. stukosucks

    cinco de mayo

    type and true
  7. stukosucks

    Hells Angles (70+ Photos)

    each2 and meter247
  8. stukosucks


    each 2 vespa rio lot of nice hands...
  9. stukosucks

    my camera sucks but it takes good flicks

    jekt!! Ase!! kerse vegan
  10. big rio! find and bujah!!
  11. stukosucks

    do you do you do you douche?

    haha ima! that elk cryo is nice. rockfordfiles are a bitch.
  12. stukosucks

    loose change

    that bacon is the business... omens and hecz too
  13. stukosucks

    Greatest Samurai In The Empire

    ster tag yeah buddy
  14. stukosucks

    seen in chicagoland part 31......