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  1. SecondsAway

    Cope Soap

    Graff in the Bath... and a Mickie D's sponsorship... gotta love it
  2. SecondsAway

    Team Dog Lovers [round 2]

    My 18month old American bulldog and my sisters 6 month old Mastiff
  3. SecondsAway


    Anybody on here gone through the 9th step as it pertains to graff? Let's hear some ESH on that because i'd like to hear how people have delt with that one
  4. SecondsAway


    ... quit seeking approval so hard Rome, you look desperate bro
  5. SecondsAway


    This is the true story... of complete strangers... picked to live in a city... and have their lives 12oz'ed... find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...The Real World... Cincinnati
  6. SecondsAway

    Miami Art Basel 2011 Edition

    Kofie with that big boy shit... love it CBS in full effect... Quake, Sloke, Supher, Ryoe... Wheres the Haste at? Looks like Ewok went absolutely buck wild... good shit
  7. SecondsAway


    This thread is always a good read
  8. SecondsAway

    Fall 2011 Bench! 125+

    Timber Paser Eye STOE! Goon 7Seas
  9. SecondsAway

    Reefer Madness

    ARMN 9120 is looking a little rough... good stuff though
  10. SecondsAway

    Derailed Bench

    good stuff... benched that platform before... it's nice until a coal train comes through
  11. SecondsAway


    It's a boxcar... that ones white... come in a few colors
  12. SecondsAway

    Indiana... ill just update this from now on

    Paser and Exhaust for the win!
  13. SecondsAway

    A Metal Head

    Gerome the Gnome.... York, PA
  14. SecondsAway

    Hot & Scared---

    Big Ern & Nyke...
  15. SecondsAway