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  1. Give this blind cunt fucking NFS: Underground, VRally 2 or a video game that involves skills and he'd be up shit creek. Can you imagine it? His car would come out looking like a fucking piece of scrap metal. He could have put that 10 years towards something real, like being a blind gay pornstar. Fucking tool. Who cares if he's blind? I mean if I played Mortal Kombat for 10 years with my eyes closed im sure I could kick his ass blindfolded.
  2. g00n

    I'm DRUNK!!

    Where's the love for goon? Kaiser Stuhl Fruity lexia, 5 litres, $12aud. Get some now. If this has been done before, post up your experiences with goon. bump.
  3. Not me, a friend. Ill keep it short. Went to a party with a car full of guys, he waited in the car, the other guys got refused entry by the parents. One guy comes back to the car, grabs a knife, walks back to the house, stabs the father and mother, who was holding a baby, then returns to the car and leaves. My mate has never been to a party with them again. I've seen some fucked up shit, cunts get brain damage from stompings, stabbings etc. I just figure fuck it, i'm a peacekeeper unless I have to fight. Also, Tesseract. Where was that verse from? It reminds me of Clandestein - Eye for an Eye. Recommended for all you "gangstas" out there. It shows the other side of the story.
  4. Bump. Rest In Power to all passed Australian writers. :king:
  5. it runs on my 266mhz with 32 meg of ram... then it stopped for some reason. if it still worked i might have made somethin up (as i only just found this thread...) but guess not :( keep it comin, lookin dope
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