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  1. Rest in peace.....missing you.
  2. "Just a couple a beer bums in the showa." Mark Reid...is pretty good, but im going to go with Richard Ramirez....."The NightStalker" but only because he used Iron MAiden and AC DC as tools to kill. how fucking metal is that??
  3. how do these guys have 4 crews? start slow....and jump off a cliff while your at it.
  4. if you say that shit, youre an idiot.
  5. its strange but i seriously had a hard time looking at her couch. wierd.
  6. Behemoth

    the street

    kill them and then do yourself in. and keep spelling like that...im amused.
  7. i had never heard of it till a short time ago...but now i must see it
  8. how much you wann bet that white people invented that shit?
  9. Mean streak two cans of paint assorted shirts digital camera rubbers shit pens pictures of my ex-girlfriend pictures of my cats knife
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