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  1. I'm an ATT U-verse tech and I can pretty much tell you that if you have ATT U-verse service and it sucks, it's because the installation was botched. If the service was installed correctly it will never give you problems. Ok now with the regular DSL, that error message is because the RG (residential gateway) or modem is loosing sync. Usually this happens mostly on self-installs because of shotty substandard wiring inside the house. The best way to make sure that your att DSL service is working correctly is to have a Cat5e cable ran from what ever demarcation point on your house (phone box outside) right to the location of your modem. DIRECT LINE. If you know what your doing you can do it yourself, if not you should call and have a tech or a contractor run the cable. Will save you tons of headaches.
  2. the fuego!!!!...hold some spots for me gonz....I'll be gone till november!!!
  3. I've used these before and to those saying it clogged their tips right away.....maybe you didn't shake it up enough from the get go....that shit is maaaaaad thick and the paint separates after a while and cakes up at the bottom like most paint. You really have to follow the directions on the can to break up the layers of unmixed pigments on the bottom.....the first couple of times I used it I shook it till I heard the mixing balls and for like 30 secs after that.....clogged the fuckin tips.....the next time I used them I shook each for like 2 min before using then shook like every other couple of minutes. I've never really had a problem since....paint is dope....
  4. oye.........what does a dude have to do to get down to argentina and rock some freshness? dale gonz!!!
  5. sorry wrong code.......again....a "combine" by "kombyn"
  6. <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v188/kombyn/CIMG6003.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a> a "combine" by "kombyn"
  7. theres a blast from the past.....bump that wicked art funk...what up aqser? holla
  8. RuStYrAiL


    what about that asic
  9. RuStYrAiL


    gotta get a better pic of the whole thing.....but that tampoon is where it's at........bump those sskrazys....
  10. everytime i see one of your fuckin newage "graffiti art" stickers i tare it off the wall with a certain pride. maybe if i discourage you from making that bull crap you can go back to your basement where all the other artists belong. but wait?! ive never seen one of your stupid stickers before, although i am quite familiar with the design. its because your posting it on the internet, you shameless self promoter. take a tip. nobody gives a fuck. maybe if you got up you could "spread the word" without the aid of a computer. sell out Quoted post [/b] the funny thing is that the dude carpenter that posted that pic isn't the artist that did that.....
  11. RuStYrAiL


    some dude over there.....
  12. RuStYrAiL


    caught these yesterday....
  13. I used to live in Dallas Texas and there was a big mexican gang called sur x3......wonder if it's the same
  14. RuStYrAiL


    you can either make the song.....or not make the song....lmao...funniest shit almost ever....
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