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  1. I got alot of shit just tell me something u would be interested in and ill see what i can do? Or i can rock some stickers for you and then we can go from there.
  2. im def down to trade for some stencils. What would it take for you to make me a Kennedy stencil?
  3. Yeah im down to trade with you guys Hit me up on PM or Email me at JiveTurki@aol.com or IM me at JiveTurki. Also I have a shit load of flicks from all over the US about 230 hard copies that im looking to get rid of. Ill trade for gear or almost anything. Hit me up if your interested.
  4. This dude who lives in the dorm next to me has this sign up. He doesnt know where he got it but its there thought i would post it..
  5. It seems ad if most of the background is done with air brush... Most of the characters looks painted... REALLY good work though...
  6. and MR. ABC's flick of the dude in the wheelchair kills me....
  7. Im down to get down on that book.... JiveTurki@aol.com
  8. I have a grip of about over 200 flicks from all around the US. If anyone is interested in trading tools of the trade for them, videos or just about anything you want to trade. drop a line or hit me up. JiveTurki@aol.com
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