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  1. upon a personal request. http://img51.photobucket.com/albums/v155/glamrocks/makros.jpg'> ::FIRE MULLET:: ::1/2 UFO 1/2 ROBOT CRAB MAN:: ::COLGATE RAY GUN:: ::AND THE ALMIGHTY BONG FORTRESS*:: *please note that the term bongfortress is a registered trade mark of Mak the Ros inc.
  2. http://img51.photobucket.com/albums/v155/glamrocks/wheee.gif'> cartwheeling: jennifer. camera: burst mode. amimation: flash.
  3. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2004/1/21/wag_15907_121_1711.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2002/12/21/wag_124135_1221_382.jpg'>
  4. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2004/6/25/wag_23014_625_3157.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2004/5/17/wag_123244_517_6712.jpg'> http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2004/5/22/wag_53451_521_9584.jpg'>
  5. me = kewl http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_45805_715_934.jpg'>
  6. me = kewl http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_25124_714_296.jpg'>
  7. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_35914_715_1980.jpg'>
  8. hi. side note.. BOJANGLES/IRIS RETURN IS UPON US. they are working on getting a computer. and the internet.
  9. this thread will not recieve any amps this year in TEASES 2004 ACADEMY AMP AWARDS.
  10. they said the same about mine.. but ive had it for like 4 hours and i know all the basic features and more. i had an old sony 1.8 megapixel doohickey.. and i scraped it for this one. i dont know the durability level on it yet.. but it feels pretty damn sturdy.
  11. uhmm.. no. Type-X alpine subs are for compitition.. they sound like shit.. they are just super powerful.
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