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  1. .... the homie letgo... you will be seeing much more from this guy!
  2. bump for that aeon at the old foundation spot
  3. Asic, axel and the the sluts guys ayan and swab!
  4. Ghoul is cool.. if its ghoul from a2m... not this guy
  5. oh shit look at that old asic tag.... and plus?? ...... now cue all the haters talking shit about asic.... where are you fags at.... anybody??
  6. Peeling the numbers on those is the only way to go, I've seen the new cryotrans being pressure washed but not armn's...
  7. If you are refering to that etc e2e.. the newer armn's numbers can be peeled off....just decals
  8. That spoter is fresh! and thats one of the best penis's i've seen!
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