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  1. bummer i was completely hooked on the first season, watched 21 or so episodes in one sitting and couldn't wait till the second came out on dvd...someone at least tell me deadwood is still quality.
  2. i always wondered why when ebert and roeper obviously have 4 thumbs alltogether they give top movies only 2 thumbs up. is there going to be some spectacular flick that gets four thumbs? I as well give your photos two thumbs up.
  3. szone, hope things are going well for you up there man... and ahhhsin
  4. that last arek's got the glow...
  5. first hunter now mitch, my heroes are falling fast.......I was drinking red wine the other day and my friend christine was like, "doesn't that give you a headache" yeah eventually, but the first and the middle part are amazing....i'm not gonna stop doing something because of what happens at the end...hey mitch you want an apple, no eventually it'll be a core....hard times for a hedberg fan.
  6. skep...if your still up this way get at me.
  7. best fill ever...stay up santos.
  8. doin it with more sidenames than you can shake a stick at...and i hear he's got a pair of ostrich force ones with a belt to match.
  9. fresh city...wish i woulda had more time....the dead tunnels dope. keep em coming.
  10. looking good up top fellas...wish i was there.
  11. space and arsen...deer cop oner.
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