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  1. spot's like my girl Borderline retarded
  2. Definately some ill shit Relic.
  3. The north west seems to have a problem with this. There is also a crew called DFM in Oregon. Don't they know there is a well known crew called DF. Quoted post [/b]
  4. Like you should talk mang, all your shit looks like you're trying to toy out.
  5. A major influence of mine I remember seeing his shit in like 94 that used to make me want to paint big ass pieces.
  6. 7~LES]-[

    The Babble

    YYEEAAHHH!!! Roboteens Rule *Please don't repost images in the same thread*
  7. Her meat tasted so sweet all the way down to her little ass
  8. Wait, what did you swallow? ayo, delete this waste of a thread. Who is this mark ass buster and why the fuck is he rambling about being an asshole? "Oh no! i don't want people who don't give a fuck about me thinking i might be a bad person, please accept me for who i am and not some batch in a toilet". Post flicks or go felch your boyfriend faggot
  9. Definately feeling his shit a whole lot
  10. oops, didn't mean for this to be a thread, oh well... Yankees 4 Red Sox 1
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