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  1. Trust me that Cryo is already on the list of operation clean sweep..
  2. Beer, Brats, Big broads and Benchin... looks like its going to be a fine weekend to chase boxcar Art!! Happy 4th kids.
  3. Didn't you see that police camera on the pole pointing directly at the wall? Did you think Officer T was there to help you with your filll and color skeme? the G-unit wanted autographs, info and pictures for their photo albums of all the writers partaking in the activities.... With all the complaints the city received of the wall it was buffed instantly! I guess Having a BNASTY Piece on the walls of child daycare just dosent look good.....
  4. jawz665 wont be posting anytime soon... IP BANNED.
  5. this thread could reach rawsome status...
  6. of course it did this is Milwaukee....
  7. man, my man mane one done past on.. what a sad day for me! thanks for the good memories and Fr8 runs when we went hardcore to the BRC. Haha big brate plics.. (Big frate flicks) Rest in peace Brother..Gunna miss you Manny.
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