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  1. That is probably one of the hottest pieces I've seen in a long while. Really quite incredible what can now be done with markers. I'll be benching the lines for that in whole car form. Keep up the nice work. Your achieving great heights.
  2. YO YO!! I'm dumb glad that I found the real south Florida thread. I was checking out another Florida thread but soon realized that it must have been the fake one. Mad graffers were posting flicks of walls and trains and what not. I was like dag!! Don't these peeps know that its all about black book sketches when it come to reppin where your from? Keep up the good work. Nothing gets me more psyched than fresh bombs sketched out on paper.
  3. Word up! This is a question that has been plaguing me for mad long now. I did just now get off the phone with krylon and their spokesperson informed me that their balls are made of human feces. Needless to say magnets won't work. I am currently working on some special paint holsters made from socks that I hope will help to reduce noise pollution while bombing. (I have collaborated with other graffers and noise pollution from cans seems to be the #1 issue facing todays illest bombers.) I'm rigging the holsters to be able to attach to any pair of assless chaps so fags like you should'nt run into any problems with wordrobe compatibility. Hit me off and we can talk pricing.
  4. To those who are replying to this thread in a negative fashion - GIVE RESPECT WHERE RESPECT IS DUE!! I realize most of you are trendy hip hoppers too busy smoking 40's and drinking blunts to appreciate true athletes at the hight of their game. The warriors in this footage display more bravery and talent than any of you with your spray cans. (Do you really think you could handle three lightning bolts to the chest?) I'd love to see the look on some of your faces if you ran into me on the street with my bow staff. You best hope you have an elixer!!
  5. I only have a few minutes to bless this thread with some knowledge before the fantasy magic unicorns championship. Some people will try to tell you graffiti is a visual art form, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes I go to a wall with my bag of paint and just pretend to paint a mad fresh burner. It comes out real dope in my mind and I really don't worry too much if no one else can see it. I know I rocked it. I've also gone all city in my basement on two seperate occasions. Once in '92 and again in '01. Again no heads really saw it but who cares? For those that are interested - I'm working on a new album that you can't hear. I don't really think you need to be able to hear music to enjoy it. There will be a limited amount of cd's so hit me off asap and we can talk pricing.
  6. Any ill graffers up in this thread into model railroads? I Know I am. HO scale to be exact. I just caught a pretty nice line of boxes rolling by on my table. I benched some dumb fly burners by sien5 and vism. I got flicks so hit me off if your interested in trades or straight up purchases. Peace out in the 05.
  7. I probably shouldn't be giving away this fly recipe but here goes. If you think Krink is permanent you ain't seen nothin' yet. First get yourself the necessary ingredients - 16 oz jar of mayonaise small jar of purple glitter Bottle of Jergens body lotion Half log of human feces (medium to firm stool) 36 box of crayola crayons Next heat your moms oven to 450 degrees. Mix the above ingredients into your households best cookware. Bake for 3 - 4 hours. I know the bake time is long but believe me its worth the wait. Once the mixture is down baking simply pour into your favorite marker. To draw this ultra permanent ink to the marker tip, extend the marker to your mouth and suck with full force. Remember - Don't get busted with this ink on your person. Its so permanent its a felony to have it in your possession.
  8. Dag - I have to think about this one for a hot minute. I guess it would be this one night when I was halfway through rocking this hopper when my marker ran out of ink. I realized that I had some stickers I had made earlier in my pocket and figured "fuck it" and just started slapping them up. I figure I bagged about five maybe five and a half trains that night. They were all oilers too!! I know its probably not a good idea to blow up the spot like that but sometimes you just gotta bomb! It was ill to roll by the layup the next morning and just see those trains rocked with my stickers. If anyone ever catches them rolling hit me off with the flicks.
  9. Totally AWESOME!!! For those of you who haven't experienced the thrill of puting up stickers in broad daylight let me tell you, your not living as wild as you think you are. Just the other day I was blessing a newspaper box with some fresh sticker bombs (broad daylight mind you) when a car came around the corner. I thought for sure the driver had seen me in his rear view mirrior as he drove off. My heart was beating mad fast. Thats when I knew I was in this graff game for real. Its also fun to come up with mad dope punch lines to give your stickers extra flavor such as "Real men play fantasy magic unicorns."
  10. One word - FANTASTIC!!! Nothing gets me more hyped than photos of blackbook sketches. I can almost feel the energy exploding off my screen from some of these fresh bombs. Sometimes I tack my blackbook to my bedroom wall and mob it with marker tags imagining that I'm rocking a freeway wall or train with some fresh bombs. Then I break out to the kitchen when 5-0 rolls by. Its pretty good real life training i guess.
  11. Yes!!! Fantastic finds my friend. I've been a railroad water bottle enthusiast for quite some time now. I of course don't drink the water I just display it randomly in a nice retro refrigerated glass case. You'll be excited to know that I even have a few paper labels in my collection and am working on some exciting leads of possible gallon size containers. I also enjoy taking photos and especially video footage of my collection to show other heads what time it is. Keep up the good work and don't ever let anyone tell you it's an incredible waste of time.
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