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  1. Did it in Costa Rica. in the middle, we stopped at this place that had a three-tier waterfall that had jumps of 10, 20 and 45 feet; as well as a rope swing in the top pool. It was amazing.



  2. I have been MIA for a while but here are some photos! I have been so busy with work that I have thousands of photos on my computer, still unedited from the last couple of months. hopefully time will allow me to post some on here in the next week or so!













  3. there are a couple good 3rd party lenses that you might be interested in. tamron tokina or sigma fisheyes come to mind. i have heard good things about the sigma 10-20. or if your rich go all out and get a nikon brand one.






  4. dope hdr shots. i can't stand when they look all fake but yours are quite nicely done. i have always wanted to try some but one i don't know how to and two i don't have photoshop haha.


    one day..



    i have tooonnsss of photos on my computer..too lazy to upload them though..


  5. I swear your borders keep getting bigger and bigger.

    It's getting a little distracting.


    haha i know im addicted. its gotten so bad that with the program i use to make them (gimp) i have to create two borders because they wont make one big enough in one shot.


    thats how they are when they are in the gallery so i guess i just like them to be like that on here too. or maybe im just crazy...




  6. I used to live near downtown, but not anymore. Its a quick drive though. I've had all sorts of run ins with homeless cats. The situation can turn real quick with them. The more you go towards East L.A. the more you have to worry about gangsters.


    its strange, i work with the homeless every weekend, but in the city of pomona; and the difference between them and those in la is amazing. i hardly ever get into crazy situations when i volunteer but it seems like half of the ones i meet in downtown are insane, and violent.

  7. It can be grimy as fuck in some areas especially when you get on the outskirts of DTLA.


    Crack bums be getting mad when the camera is out and your near them.


    funny you should mention that..me and my gf were there maybe a month ago to just shop and take a couple pictures, some crazy ass fool in a wheelchair comes up to us while we were parking and is asking how we are and how the photography business is going (keep in mind we have never seen him before and both our cameras are in the trunk). then he starts yelling at us and saying that i took his picture and he wants it back and if not then he needed a million dollars for it.


    at that point he pulled out a shank and jumped out of his wheelchair, no lie. i threw the car in reverse and got the FUUUUck out of there haha.


    i have been near downtown towards the ten freeway after dark and it is sketchy as fuck over there. luckily the two times i have been caught there late it has been with people that lived in the area and knew the people, but i would never go there after dark alone, especially with a camera.


    do you live near downtown?

  8. nice pics indeed decay.

    question - do you modify colours with your camera or on computer?

    The depth and texture of colours in above flicks looks wicked


    besides the two 'cool' looking shots of the warehouse, none of them have any color modification besides levels, curves, or desat. even the cone one that looks a little modified was actually straight out of the camera. every once in a while i will use some filters though.

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