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  1. bring her benching and bonk her in a boxcar yo!
  2. bftx..great memories kemer pepe smash isto
  3. gangstas sippin on bud light!! yo hip hop shit word haha nah im just kidding man, your post was fucking DOPE!! and thinking you scanned each single of em, man thats a lot of work, most people just upload their digicam on the computer, it doesnt take that long. but thanks for shouting me out, it makes me wanna do big post again. there was waay too many but some favourite I'd say aest cense colt45 rumor that jerms on the bnfe is just too hot skupe meca dego woah thanks for sharing those man
  4. yeahh nice spots! with the mountains in the background and all that. nekst jerms much mber grifter
  5. CANADA! FUCK YEAH!! tic tac nixon wyse regal tight much geso river buik asend
  6. really nice artistik atlas nahx envys cryo good flicks and i enjoyed that story at the beginning
  7. men of culture..that guys travels i saw a streak of him under a bridge beside my spot 3 days ago
  8. fuck it just never stopped! < yukon cmor fresh biter bjorn some enue kemos sigh the official csxt tree
  9. aest arek awe that kid bonk really make the freights look uglier
  10. today on cp line lern kwest lesone ahcer vida dissed ?/note/deme old but still fresh sewon/arys/ glue no flicks, i was on the job
  11. dope post! onset arise causr kwest myth sight flow ewok chsme homies from the prairies.. big up!!
  12. sept and rekey did it for me
  13. ident kepto printer twice slam
  14. that navy silver is sick nikson ident labrona
  15. man that hybrid is pure hotness
  16. hmm.. this is interesting to ponder. i'm not going to open up the whole "euro trains vs. us fr8s" drama, cause that dead horse has been beaten more than i care to remember. and it's cool that you think freights are boring, that's an acceptable opinion and i disagree in good cheer (how unlike the internet, eh?). but i think there's a few things to consider. the North American freight train pool is enormous, and i do mean the trains of US, Canada, Mexico and some Mexican freights even head into parts of Central America. that's ALL one system. Nowhere in Europe does this occur to the same level. Also, it is important to note that freight is a currently open medium- by this i mean that unlike MOST European trains, there is no widespread buffing program that cleans fr8s before they're put back into service. so therefore, not only are there thousands (over a million i believe) of freight trains running, but there's a good chance that old material is to be found on many of them. since freights have "taken off" there's so many of them being painted that it's hard to keep up- and you can look for regional ones or ones that roll into your area from somewhere new. a major part of this game for some people is to see where your train ends up- some are on fixed routes, some go all over the place. this, in a nutshell, is why people love freight so much; it's an active venue for graffiti that more often than not allows work to last. so,urm...... getting back to your point- there's so much out there that new posts are inevitable. in fact, the way that people use this board is that they never update old posts for freights anyways. besides, most people don't want to let everyone know where they spotted freights, since the most important part is they they're still rolling with work on em. does that help? Quoted post [/b] well said joe!
  17. gumbe x2 geso desa up in every post
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