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  1. This post is dedicated to all my friends, buddies, partners in crime, benchers, the real metal heads, people putting in work, and people that keeps rocking the shit out of it. enjoyzz
  2. my man bisc up in here erupto curve steel
  3. nice dude! where were they benched at?
  4. conan sucks astro wow mayhem premium vandalism wowwww phone over troube woow solid post, conan sucks though, shits borring as fuck
  5. cool.. i'll check colt's interview
  6. lepo give me 200$ instead of your left nut and i'll take you to a soo line spot buddy :p skow trouble isto worms envys you should post the rove piece beside the theory pot piece, its real fresh
  7. aest clown 99 that ub sex streak (who did that??) i swear if i ever catch that chez e2e im gonna write "it says chez" above it with an arrow pointing down
  8. revok pieces makes me hallucinate
  9. fucking nice post dude! huge tre phone celf sigh sewon kolun smash sag
  10. irony up in this post wyse crae uncle sex sewon sigh
  11. nice benching! in the rain dego sigh tropicana
  12. kiss my cock fools get schooled rumor resto clok pier biter yukon very fresh bro
  13. colt45 myth zine nots the eye patched hits again...
  14. DAMMNN POPPY YOU REALLY OUTDO IF FOREAL YO, you right, its all about drinking oe and keeping these good memories! been painting till the sun rise up this morning and here i am, just woke up and eating a good spaghetti while peeping at your crazy ass post.. and you damn sure im hitting the lay ups tonight..freight life, you know it. big up to the motherfucking good times krew and thanks for all the time you put out in this post, real appreciated man! penis aest oldtime arows chale colt45 curve dave legends ewok & much farse 98 frost old ghouls glue motherfucking dego hot as fuck jade jbue kick king lewis mber meca navy aroe sigh spek takt with the ghettoblaster woarrd ol' timer and poppy183
  15. nice benching fuck! sight over sigh..haha i'd been waiting for this for a long time rookie trying to take over your post atak glue king skew diar navy
  16. nice job herm! fucking love it i caught one of your streak this week end on a repair line.
  17. jurne takes it farrrr ahead in my opinion! fucking unreal upfe
  18. i dunno why it got posted twice..
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