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  1. what the fuck do you think you're doing!!??
  2. hey man i caught you twice on the same line today.. dont worry i'll post ya on my next thread ;)
  3. nice! i painted the car next to that arek last week erupto aels stae
  4. it's not 160. here's how you can tell: 160 = not funny hotboy = funny Quoted post [/b] hehehe good call
  5. scar on that weird csx 1rst e2e for beast biter and company real nice flicks homie
  6. pause esteme kaper syzer chsme mink honest navy arys pretty hot bench!
  7. snafu hermy resto lake erie frankling & clarion rr company
  8. good looking on that kwest wholecar, i also caught it last week cense afex meca kwest freightophiles
  9. 39 crae 40 wyse 43 like 44 klam 48 sectr 49 sader? 54 base 56 menes 57 mex ? ? 58 nise, none, dever 62 like 63 rasp 66 trasp/ syzer 67 dazem 71 robot this is making me tired, im goin take a nap now
  10. ^ what all of the above said ^
  11. awesome post! kem5 lewis jerms rumor myth sigh when
  12. dammit!! basically everything you posted was fucking rocket!! kwest upfe sewon prism try oze on the one eye bandit kem more reefers!
  13. yo frate raper, i knoww man i know! i couldnt fucking find your e2e i benched last year and i was fuckkk i need to find some pieces, but finally gave up, (which reminds me did you ever end up catching those new cn extendo fresh blue we "touched" ?) and you know what? you should give me a shout this year before coming to under pressure that way we can manage to paint some goodies instead of you coming here,getting drunk.not talking to anyone and heading right to the strippers......mmm?? right?... then heading home. you silly independant perv! fucking right eh?
  14. ...>>>>>EXACTLY<<<<<<.... More toys showing toys how to and where to get trains,,, You fucking idiots keep forgeting that railworkers and detekts peeep this site, you SUCKERS are the down fall af the train scene,its going down like the subways sonny! Quoted post [/b] please explain me your point, im sure the railworkers know that graffiti on trains are being painted by humans, and just dont appears like that on freights. i really feel the same as you about toys showing other toys where to get trains, thats why we regulate spots. again dont take all these pictures too seriously, the hip hop crew in the intermodal yards was in fact the option snowboard crew trying to get some footage while we were on the other side of the fence laughing at them, police showed up and asked them to leave, and they left when they got their footage.. now stop being a dick and show some appreciation for the time we put posting flicks for everybody.
  15. zack lee that's right on st-laurent a little down sherbrooke street in the parkage
  16. 160 fucking hater!! haha picakboo fuck youuu
  17. hahaha frateraper i laughed so much when i read that.. i remember him speaking so close tome i had to wipe my face every 2 seconds, fucking guy ! BA fucking solid, great crew, been running shit for a whiiiile, thanks herm doggy dog for posting all those flicks!
  18. Big up to the united benchers, td4, freightophiles gang, the bums, poppy183 and the good times posse, fuck you party time crew, dash-5, hw, the horny and teased boys, aor, team X37, and the guys I bench daily..
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