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  1. Sickboy


    How can hip hop be an element of hip hop. "Hip Hop" is the subculture.
  2. You look so ripped.:cool:
  3. :D :scream: :spin: :yuck: :zombie: :krunk: :tongue: :stretch:
  4. I think someone made a thread for this ebfore. Search it and bump it alright. I think it was pretty informative too. Great subject too.
  5. EEEEEEERRRUUUUUUPTOOOOOOOO!!!!!:mad2: *death metal vocals*
  6. Sickboy


    He is a DJ. And I don't think he ever said he break dances. And i don't see how listening to hip hop relevant to an element in hip hop. Who said hes not serious about graffiti. He just needs improvment and he trys. I know this. So shut up and quit acting like you know everything.
  7. Sickboy


    I'm gonna have to have a talk with you next weekend.
  8. Sickboy


    They all look kinda the same. Whatever though.
  9. Re: Sickboy I wish they would've have explained maybe why he was called Sickboy. Me..I'm just a sick minded person sometimes. Anybody wanna get together and do a horror film?
  10. This is awesome. :) :cool:
  11. Word to that^^. At my work, theres always strange people coming in. Few walk around and stalk and flirt the underaged girls. One even asked this girl if shed liek to get together and talk a bit. Weirdos. I took the address from the chick being that I liked her and thought of going to his place and beating the shit out of him. THen thought he might end up killing me with some devious plan. So whatever.
  12. Well...It didn't ask for a serial number. So I guess thats not gonna work. It's not even worth testing out because it says its gonna delete the demo after 20 minutes I guess. THanks anyways. If someone would want to trade for this program or something that would be great. I don't knwo what I could give for suck an expensive program.
  13. Ok...I'm downloading a demo to Reason 2.5. Just to try it out. But usually don't the programs usually ask for a serial number which means if you knwo it you get the whole programs or something like that. I'm not a computer genious so help me out people. I was wondering if someone has a serial number for this program. I'm not too worried if I dont get it. Just curious. Thanks Fuck all that shit I jsut said. It won't work. But if someone would be willing to trade for the program that woulod be great. Or if it only needs to be installed without needing the disk everytime you use the program you could just send the disks to me and ill install and send them back. I'll even throw something nice in for all the trouble.
  14. Well, is the seat still in the car? If so you better kick his ass again.
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