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  1. very hot but your not convincing me that you are "new" to these guys. Technique is on bro. good shit.
  2. http://www.seankernick.com/misc/one_fade_w.jpg'>
  3. style and structure of letterform is fundamentally key. Without it your painting murals. Shit was fun yesterday.
  4. Last time I was in Detroit yall had the highways kiiillllled. Keep on keepin on boys. I'll be in Detroit in December. I'd like to get down. If anyone is interested hit me back.
  5. praxis. Dredz. Did that Praxis thing work out for you? hit me back.
  6. wow, thats nice. Now post it where it belongs.
  7. what are you using to scan your images?
  8. SEANO-WHO27

    The Bible

    The quickest and hotest freestyle. letters letters letters http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/book/rey_book.jpg'>
  9. seandog. http://www.seankernick.com/graf/train_sean1.jpg'>
  10. thats the one im looking for
  11. repost please I saw this years ago and have been on a hunt to find it once again. Can someone please repost so that I can relive one of the best disses ever. Thanks.
  12. green back grnd ? What is that slasher?
  13. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/yors_sean_met.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_met_m.jpg'>
  14. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/metyors.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_met.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_met.jpg'>
  15. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/yors_b.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/kirk.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/aim_g.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_tr.jpg'>
  16. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/aim_b.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_b.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/vets_b.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/kosher_b.jpg'>
  17. Raleigh Thread Revival http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/choke_t.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_t.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/aim_t.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/twist_t.jpg'>
  18. SEANO-WHO27

    The Bible

    hgs double page spread 'em http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/book/graf_inset.jpg'>
  19. Akira has the best action illustration I've ever seen in a graphic novel/ comic book. It was also key in the crossing over of the Japanamation work into the mainstream US pop culture. Speaking from the perspective of a real comic book fan/collector/artist... it changed the way that I look at illustrative story telling. True king status. bump for pumping Akira.
  20. this thread has become incredibly wack. The fact that people dip in and out talking shit without representing skills is downright retarded. Have fun powdering your own balls. LoneJohnDoe and Hank Parker...I read your other posts. Go back to school, study, and quit talking shit until you got something to show.
  21. Dont play yourself man. You buy t-shirts from the mall for $20. Acknowledge your worth as an artist and never sell yourself short. If you think the value of your original artwork is equal to that of a t-shirt from the Gap then by all means. Just a note. you have good work.
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