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Everything posted by SEANO-WHO27

  1. It's been too long. I've missed this place.
  2. Durham NC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3TJeZpiF4A
  3. Lookin hot...... lookin damn hot.
  4. That's "Mister" Woems to the young ladies.
  5. One more thing, I think Pyle is nice as hell. His game seems pretty well rounded from the work I have seen him put in.
  6. Hah, or I tip my hat. I'm old.
  7. I tip my head to the train yard heavy hitters and by no means do I consider them "safe". Not in the slightest. I find it more approachable than climbing up over a highway and hooking up some fill-ins. Thats balls. I know my NC people crush those lines and am damn proud of it. I just wanted this dude to let that crazy shit he's been up to speak for itself instead of accidentally running himself deeper.
  8. Matter of fact, next highway sign you crush, you should just write "hot inventory"
  9. There are very simple truths in this game and for some reason you are still having trouble with the first very simple truth. 1. If you get up more and in more difficult spots, you got hot inventory. There have been hundreds of writers who made their whole careers on "getting up" alone. Their style, or lack there of, was a side note. Take note of your inventory. You get up regularly, you get up in spots no writer has gotten up in (I can speak only for Raleigh), your style isn't terrible and seems to continue to grow. Let your inventory speak for itself. Its hard to talk shit to
  10. Wow, aint that some shit. This piece and character was in the Tony Hawk 2 Playstation jawny. Blast from the past mang.
  11. Insert purple sharpie into anal cavity. Squat over monitor. Shake your tail feather.
  12. "Location: born in NY city, moved to raleigh about six months after" Thats kind of funny too.
  13. I want to meet the guy who puts ecstacy up his butt.... or has someone else insert it. Thats some funny shit right there. Redefines the term actually.
  14. What's up, nobody posts flicks of work? C'mon young bols, make an old man proud.
  15. Not to date myself but the same bitching was brewing when graf magazines started first coming out. End of the day it's the same game. Everyone trying to catch wreck and catch fame in the process. Some of us caught herpes as well but thats another forum.
  16. Real writers wear dress clothes.
  17. Where was that? And is that old school Des (Drama King)?
  18. Naw, your looking at raw pencils, scanned, rederred in photoshop. All my pieces start out just pencil and paper. I used to ink them but I got so efficient with a hard pencil that theres no point.
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