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  1. some somewhat recent skateboard designs http://www.seankernick.com/misc/chinese_dragon.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/engine.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/jungle_plane.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/sky_surf.jpg'> more to come...blah blah blah
  2. a b boy http://www.seankernick.com/misc/bboy1_kid_sm.jpg'>
  3. Your stuff looks good man. Keep truckin and checking out other artists whos style you like. Lets see some more work.
  4. good shit coro. very well done. you have an online protfolio? -I got a chance to meet Tracy Morgan recently when I did an illustration of him. What was the most fucked up thing was that all my digital shots that we took when we were hanging out got corrupted when I downloaded them. oh well. http://www.seankernick.com/misc/tracy_web.jpg'>
  5. Dredz. we should talk man. hit me with your number. email me through me site or pm me. Im tryin to put together a network of artists like us in order to help push our work out better. I talked to that guy Dubelyoo and he seemed down with it. Either way, I actually had the luck and blessing to meet Al Hirschfeld in Manhattan when I was trying to go to art school. I wandered into an art gallery after a portfoliop review and he was chilling in the basement. Me and my boy rapped with for like an hour. The crazy shit is that at the time I had no idea who he was. Ever since I been a massive fan. Goo
  6. todays installment king Sebastian Krüger yeeeeaaaaaah man. http://www.the-nose.com/artists/kruger/krugerheadbig.jpg'> http://www.the-nose.com/artists/kruger/krugerwaits.jpg'> http://www.the-nose.com/artists/kruger/krugerarnold.jpg'> http://www.the-nose.com/artists/kruger/krugerjagger.jpg'>
  7. character kings. rockwell http://www.rockfordschools.org/lakes/vidrok/rockwell-norman-fleeing-hobo-2403297.jpg'> http://www.artexpression.com/images/BEJ/jpgs/1645.jpg'> dubelyoo http://www.spinemagazine.com/images/features/visual/dubelyoo/21.jpg'> http://killastration.com/images/illustrations/_and1.gif'> more to come.........bah.
  8. CLASS IS IN SESSION take notes boys.....and girls. http://www.florida-art-gallery.com/sparkclown.jpg'> http://www.fineartpublishing.com/images/artists/sorren/feathersm.jpg'> http://www.magictails.com/images/joesorren1.jpg'> http://www.rewireviews.com/images/albumcovers/TweakerAttraction.jpg'> joe sorren. more class to come.
  9. TOAST speaking of.... Cant touch this guy. http://www.graffiti.org/daim/daim0227_aus01.jpg'> http://w3studi.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~walternn/Toast.jpg'> http://www.graffiti-art.com/phonodrome/photos/daim0773.jpg'> http://www.graffiti-art.com/phonodrome/photos/daim0794.jpg'>
  10. card back http://www.seankernick.com/misc/bus2_b_em.jpg'> [/b]
  11. new business card the front to my new card http://www.seankernick.com/misc/bus2_em.jpg'>
  12. those dj angel things look the same because they are revisions of the exact same character. i did them too "angely" the first time so the client wanted me to evil them up. i gave it a shot.
  13. rough digital shot of sketchbook while i wait for file to save..... http://www.seankernick.com/sketchbook/spidey.jpg'>
  14. I cant until the album comes out. I'll hook it up though.
  15. details from illustration... those cans are nice. I was a bit taken because I have been working on a very similar project for a show. Oh well, I'll post them when they are done... **also, hit me with an email for contract work. sean@uprockmedia.com
  16. gage hgs rth stopping through http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/seano_c2.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/gage.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/sol.jpg'>
  17. gage hgs rth stopping through http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/seano_c2.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/gage.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/sol.jpg'>
  18. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/devine_b.jpg'>
  19. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_c2.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/seans_c.jpg'>
  20. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/book/graf_inset.jpg'>
  21. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/snuze_c.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/choke_g.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/seans_b.jpg'>
  22. http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/train/snuze_wat.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/train/bhives.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/train/snuze_col1.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/train/seaner.jpg'>
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