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  1. It's been a minute...... time to catch up....
  2. Hey everyone. It's been a minute.... check some new ish
  3. Some misc stock art stuff....
  4. Loving these.... you got more?
  5. This sh.t is tight right here. Very nice.
  6. Yea man. Clay. My first go at it. I'm in the process of building a second one. Heres some more updates:
  7. has the way images post changed? It seems that doesnt work anymore. Anyone?
  8. Wow it's been a while. Here goes some new ish: http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2404.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2404.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2429.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2447.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2453.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_files/IMG_2458.jpg http://www.seankernick.com/bboy_sculpt/Site/bboy_concept_fi
  9. Open Image> Image Size> reduce the size > save. yowsa.
  10. Artest should be gone for the season. So should Jackson. No player should ever go into the stands for any reason. He got the wrong dude! Its one thing to attack a guy who deserved it but to go after some shmuck you didnt throw anything is bitch. besides, if artest was that thirsty he should have gotten up from laying down and got it himself instead if asking a fan to toss him one.
  11. I had to drop some ish on the 27th page....
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