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  1. I love Goofy in this shot. Strait pimpin.
  2. nicey nice good work moe.
  3. Looks good but you guys gotta stop drawing on paper like that.
  4. drawing women..... *Your on the right track though. Don't draw on that lined paper either. Get yourself a big pad where you have space to spread your work out. Experiment with what kind of paper you like. Pick up some different kinds of pencils and charcoal. And I couldn't stress this more.......go to live model figure drawing classes. Drawing from photo reference is fine but its very flat and in turn your drawings will not be able to convey the proper depth and life. Figure drawing from a live model is the #1 way to quickly improve your drawing and rendering skills. Looking good though.
  5. letters http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_big.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_crane.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/lockhorns.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_pidstach.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/sean_felix.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sean_pur.jpg'> http://www.uprockmedia.com/graf/nc/seans_c.jpg'> etc. etc.
  6. Naw I dont know what your spraying. Who are you man?
  7. Kanye to da... http://www.seankernick.com/misc/kanye_w.jpg'>
  8. remember these guys? http://www.seankernick.com/babble/dude2.jpg'>http://www.seankernick.com/babble/dude3.jpg'>
  9. Gotta love Daniel Adel http://www.seankernick.com/babble/jcarrey.jpg'>http://www.seankernick.com/babble/jwaters.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/babble/crock.jpg'>http://www.seankernick.com/babble/coach1.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/babble/3.jpg'>http://www.seankernick.com/babble/lhill.jpg'>
  10. dave chapelle It's been a long time...I shouldnt have left you...... http://www.seankernick.com/misc/dave_c_w2.jpg'> I gave this to him in person two days ago. Things are finally falling into place. More to come....
  11. was fun. http://www.seankernick.com/graf/creds_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sean_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/isto_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/aim_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/snuze_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/bel_pur.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/woem_pur.jpg'>
  12. ? Is this the Dyst that I've heard has been talking mess on me recently?
  13. .... http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sunday/sean_sun.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sunday/aim_sun.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sunday/snuze_sun.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sunday/yors_sun.jpg'>
  14. banner if anyone is looking for digitally printed vinyl banners hit me up....I got a high quality connect with great prices.... http://www.seankernick.com/misc/dj2.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/banner1.jpg'>
  15. word up. good shit. *where is that stuff from? Really, that ascend shit is right off the meter. I'm feelin it.
  16. dredz.... do you paint as well? I wasnt sure if you did pieces and ish.
  17. 4 part series for a rave flyer thing. http://www.seankernick.com/misc/snow1.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/snow2.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/snow3.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/misc/snow4.jpg'>
  18. ... You gotta admit Rebus. That picture was funny.
  19. Devine and Vic stop by.... ......
  20. Devine and Vic stop by.... http://www.seankernick.com/graf/seans_bl.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/dev_bl.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/vic.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/dev_seans.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/de.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/dev_tag.jpg'>
  21. manic monday... http://www.seankernick.com/graf/sean_yellow.jpg'> http://www.seankernick.com/graf/snuze_yellow.jpg'>
  22. ... This guy is funny. Kews, whenever you are ready bro. Hit me up when you get to town and be prepared to get embarassed. Coming new into town and stomping around like a big shot is never the smartest thing to do. Im always down to battle when challenged. Bring it.
  23. Dredz Yo, I just seen that cover I hooked you up with. Great job man. Definately rocked it. Hit me up with an email when you get a chance.
  24. ultra ultraflat that shit is ht. good work. what are you working with? I bought a tablet and returned it the nest day cus it didnt have a friction between pen and tablet. I was slipping all over. Have you guys had a good experience with these things?
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