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  1. Does it look like he pooped that little kid out onto the sand?
  2. I think I earned mine. Oh yeah, one of the jets in the hot tub in the VIP is clogged. That must have been from the night we had those hookers doing the ping pong ball trick....also, we're down to a half-ounce of cocaine and I think we're running low on Dom Perignon. I got five on it.
  3. That just made me want to quit graffiti. No, seriously. After that, what more is there to say?
  4. That's all well and good, but this loops right back to my original statement. People have grown accustomed to this style of government. If you propose an insurrection to "give them back their liberty", they're not going to understand you...they're just going to see it from perspective that they were raised to believe. So we've read some books. We've seen the forest for the trees, and know what lies are being told and why they're told. Would you give a four year old a hatchet and a bag of food, take him to the edge of the wilderness, and tell him that he was free to do whatever he pleased and really expect him to understand what that meant? No, he'd start crying for his mommy and his toys. The US, in spite of the ideals it was founded on, right now is at a point in its history where the people are dependent on a central government to deal with all the big things. And, do you think that was by accident or by design? I suppose it depends on your level of enlightenment and how many history books you have read. The only thing I could see working in this country in this era would be a massive civil disobedience movement based on a tax/voting strike. If no one votes for the candidates, then none of the candidates won. Will they be installed regardless? Then we clearly live in a totalitarian society. What would the Feds do if people said, "Hey, we didn't want these wars, and until we have a say in how are money is spent, we're not going to give you another thin dime." Start shooting people? That's called many things...coersion, terrorism, fascism...the fact is that I don't think enough Americans would understand a armed rebellion, because they have a defeatist attitude towards the government, and would probably support any fighting in the streets of the US getting squashed because that threatens THEIR comfort zone. However, if the people (or a good percentage of them) CHOSE TO NOT PARTICIPATE and observed the results, then you'd probably see a lot more outrage and far more tangible results. Either it would force the Feds to play their hand, or it would put them in bargaining mode. I'm just sort of brainstorming here. I think civil disobedience is a far more effective tool than violence. If the Palestinians decided to call a general strike and stopped working for the Israelis tomorrow, you better believe the Israelis would start listening to what the Palestinians had to say in jig time.
  5. I did throw in the "I'm being generous" qualifier, MRL. As I say in elections, sports, and relationships, time will tell. You can't deny that his popularity has been an interesting phenomenon. It could have a longer lasting impact than you would expect.
  6. I missed something completely earlier, and it's pretty huge. The odds are that Ron Paul is not going to win in November. But, I predict that he's going to do well enough that the pundits are going to notice. Let's say he pulls 10% of the vote. (I'm being very, very generous, but it makes it easier to make my point.) 10% as a representative sample of the US population would be around 30 million people. That's a lot of people...and, you can be certain that some of them are going to be politicized enough to want to enter politics to try and change the system from within. A good example- casek mentioned that he was interested in possibly running for city council where he lives. So, expect to see a ripple effect of more young people deciding to participate in government as a result of candidates like Ron Paul and Obama in the next decade or so. Taking the long view is something I like to do when I don't know what else to do...haha.
  7. Re: Whats in YOUR wallet? State ID Social security card Medical Marijuana card w/paperwork $53 Some business cards Phone list
  8. Not exactly. In light of the path the country took after the New Deal, it just wouldn't be feasible. Let's say, 1938. That's a little more reasonable.
  9. The US isn't a shit hole. Certain parts of it are bad, but overall it's a good place. Don't judge a book by its cover.
  10. thinksmall- It's not about winning or losing. Oh, SNAP! It's a presidential election. Haha, silly me. My bad. When certain people (read- lifelong radicals and progressives) start voting Republican in Berkeley, you better believe I'm gonna notice. Not only are they voting Republican, but they don't really seem to think it's all that big of a deal...or be paying attention to the entire slate this guy is pushing. THAT'S shocking. These are people who have been pushing for stuff like public health programs and social services for the homless and mentally ill for decades...it's a pretty big shift. Or, maybe I'm not as conservative as I thought. What I think is that he's charismatic by NOT being charismatic. His sincerity, plain talk, and congressional record are appealing to people who see politicians as commodities that can be bought or sold. I'm not so cynical as to feel one way or the other, it really depends on the situation. I basically think people will vote for the candidate who has values that resonate with their own. So, finding out all these lefties and radicals I've known for a while are closet Libertarians who believe in the free market/gold standard is a revelation on the level of, say...finding out your dad is gay.
  11. I really don't want to steal any of this guy's shine, for the record. I think any candidate who gets young people involved and wanting to vote and working for change is a good thing. I actually like Obama for the same reason. If what I'm saying doesn't resonate with what you feel, then feel free to pass on it. I'm not an expert, just a skeptic. The reason I think Ron Paul is a worthy phenomenon to examine is the fact that I live in Berkeley, and a lot of people are actually jumping ship to the Republican party to support his campaign. In the rest of the country, that wouldn't really interest me, but in Berkeley it's pretty significant.
  12. There was a great deal of irony in my statement. As a matter of fact, you could probably have picked up my statement with a magnet if you had wished to do so. I don't really like arguing with you, AOD, because you really DO know what you're talking about, and I'd say that 80% of the time we're on the same page, ideologically speaking. I won't go as far as saying you're always right, but it's mostly a matter of perspective. This country has come a long way since the "40 acres and a mule" days. I think the New Deal and set-asides have done less to help people, and more to appeal to their sense of entitlement because they feel "the system" has left them behind, and it owes them a fair one. But, do we throw it all out and hope for a brighter, tax free tomorrow where everyone has enough because the market is capable of producing at the levels the market demands? Or do we try to find a third path? That's why I'm trying to get conversation going here about the things that don't seem as cut and dried, in my mind. A lot of the Ron Paul folks tell me that "he listens to the people..." So, let me be the voice of dissent that makes you question him enough to say, "That's all well and good, but...what if (fill in the blank) happens, and causes (fill in the blank)? What's your contingency plan in that case?" I'm not trying to poke holes in the guy, but I'm saying, "These are my concerns, what about me? How is this going to affect/benefit/screw me in the next four years?" It would do some of you some good to look at him as just another politician. Yes. what he proposes is striking, and if you haven't heard it all before, very revolutionary. But, it's a little out of step with America in the year of our Lord 2008.
  13. I think the US not making public statements on the record to that effect is the smartest policy. In a way, I think BOTH sides are wrong in this matter. The smartest Palestinians and Israelis I know are the ones that left, and they agree that the situations sucks, and will continue to suck as long as the people are being led by extremists on either side.
  14. The point about my not having much faith in people directly stems from the socialist/welfare model that has been around since FDR and the New Deal. You ARE right on target as far as how I feel about that. As far as local taxes taking care of roads, cool. Got no problems there. What about the Interstate and US highway systems, though? What I envision is something like medieval England, where the troll demands a piece of silver, lest none shall pass. /yesheavyirony As far as the education issue, well...I see both sides of it. Rote teaching didn't work too well for me, but I'm no dummy. However, I had a lot of teachers who thought I was remedial, or that I was autistic, or that I needed drugs...in the end, I just was better off learning at my own pace. I think I learned a hell of a lot more AFTER school than I did from school. I mean that as in, when I was a student, I would go home and read...also, once my formal education ended, that didn't mean I didn't stop learning. In fact, I would say quite the opposite has proven to be the case. I think they meant well, but they were well-meaning within a set of guidelines that are tantamount to holy scripture. What's funny is that teaching models are constantly being updated and the old ones are often considered archaic, if not barbaric. I'd like to hear what some of the teachers of 12 oz. have to say about this.
  15. I don't think that the US needs to be making statements like that if they're trying to broker a peace treaty between the Palestinians and the Israelis. We all know that the Bush Administration is NOT a disinterested party in this, but for the sake of appearances, couldn't they at least...TRY to keep their traps shut? I'm just sick of seeing no real progress if we're supposed to be helping them settle their differences. Then again...what else could I expect?
  16. And I know that is one tax that you would gladly pay (chuff, chuff). In Berkeley, I think the only taxes collected are the business and property taxes the clubs pay. Outside of that, it's still undeclared income. I have no real disagreements with anyone who genuinely supports any candidate who has done the research and weighed the possibilities. It is, after all, a free country. What I'm doing is more like a litmus test, I think.
  17. Casek- You do realize I am not including you in that statement, right? Well, consider yourself indemnified. Mostly it's directed towards some of the punk (looking) kids I see with Ron Paul buttons on. I initiate conversations with them to see whether they are really up to speed on his platform and not just going with that whole teenage "DOOD FUKKK THE CIA FBI AND IRS" line of reasoning. You really believe in him. You know what I think. 'Nuff said.
  18. PINKMAN! (Ask a silly question...actually, this guy is pretty cool.)
  19. I don't like cell phones. We have payphones around here, they're just harder to find.
  20. Thank you! This is another point I've tried to make, and was met with sunny smiles and blind optimism. "Get rid of federal taxes, and you can kiss the Department of Trasportation and public education goodbye. What do you propose to replace these with?"- typical question I ask a Ron Paul supporter "It will be taken care of. The free market will step in."- Ron Paul supporter "So you're saying that you'd rather replace the DOT with Bechtel or Halliburton, and have to directly pay then to repair your local infrastructure at whatever the market will bear? Or, you'd replace public schools with parochial schools, and have your kids taught that the universe is about 7,000 years old and that abortion is a crime?"- Point "Dude...that's not gonna happen. When the free market...free market...free market..."- Counterpoint I start to zone out in a hypnotic trance after hearing the phrases "free market, "read Mise", "Austrian economics" and "gold standard" repeated over and over. Then, I start to wonder what the hell is going to happen in America in the next twenty years.
  21. There's some h4x for this. Someone I know realized that it's a free business-to-business calling service, if the business you're trying to reach is listed with them. They'll connect you for free if they have the number. So, all you have to do is list yourself as a business (they don't check) on Google, and tell all your friends to do the same. Then, tell people what your "business name" is. That way, they can reach you but they don't have your actual number (I think there's an option to connect without giving out your actual number). It comes in really handy if you use payphones a lot, as I do. It's just a matter of explaining to people why it's a good idea. I was having a lot of fun with this last summer, so I tried to tell my old boss to list our bike shop. Unfortunately, he was truly an ignoramus with computers and couldn't understand what the value of being listed with Google represented.
  22. I heard about this on the BBC today. The US more or less condoned the killing. Typical douchebaggery.
  23. If it wasn't, then casek or LENS would have beaten the rest of us to it long, long ago.
  24. A cow riding a bike pulling a walrus in a little kid's wagon? Oh, the walrus should have lightning bolts between his tusks and be wearing a top hat. Annnnnnnd...the cow should be whistling a tune.
  25. Re: -sudz- is back. bitch recognize. "Collaboration" implies that I'll try to get the hookup on the printing. Don't get 'em in a twist, my genius.
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