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  1. HI CREW-- Game, Celo (Rage III), Keph, Royl, with SKEM ILE Army of Darkness
  2. are you the toy that did all those scribbles and "fight evil" shits on the 190 overpass?
  3. There is definatly some good spots out in worcester. SYM private message me
  4. Lots of people have things to say about take (including my self at one point). Most of it is from people who have no idea what, who or where they are talking about. Regardless, the insults and accusations are/were never taken to heart nor hurtfull. It is also ironic that no one who talks, or has talked shit in the past has EVER stood up to take, violent or non-violent. Most cowered away. Everyone keep trying to pull cards if it boosts your self-esteem (and some of you really need it). The fact is that nothing will drag take down. Keep doing your thing -- the haters ALWAYS fade away.
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