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  1. i wouldn't trust clam chowder in a can anyways...my dads house he had 10 year old cherries unopened..we opened them perfectly goo, alittle soft but i didnt get sick
  2. this is why you shoudl alwasy have someone there when your on hallucinagens...and they cant be on them...they can be high or drunk but nothign of a more serious drug nature
  3. ill take that psp off yourt hands...if youre interested rogan181@yahoo ill pay well talk over email
  4. yo you said this is coming out the 28th or march? well its march 3 and it seems its nto out and i checked apples site and theres no mention...so if you could post a link of where you heard abotu this thatd be cool
  5. if you dont mind im gonna go stick a razorblade im my eye sockets now :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: Quoted post i think who ever painted that had to have tried to be that horrible cause thats disgusting Quoted post I never thought you could go below the level of toy.. this changes my perspective Quoted post [/b] word thats lie ka cheap ass plastic mcdonalds happy meal toy...that was melted, eaten by some fat ass greasy guy at the mcdonalds then shit out into the disgusting fast food restaraunt restrooms...
  6. ouch...what a dick thing to do...haha know hes better so hes just gunna steal the nukahs name...that shit dont hold much respect...i feel bad for you vare...but id just keep the name cause if you oth are toys who gives a hsit if you have the same name it aint no famous name
  7. looks good but not deserving its own thread
  8. damn wish i lived in hawaii and could check this out...
  9. crak dope sketches and mile the 6th one down looks hott cnat tell what it is but i liek it none the less...and mania minus the pencil shit you got good letters...nice work everyone
  10. ok looking back a page im thinkign name hit your book lenny? sorry for calling you a biter man
  11. theres already a name...adn that actually looks liek a bite of his style a year ago
  12. 9 more... the link---http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3739/stickers0035zi.jpg
  13. feel free to psot any advice/ tip[s you have on using prismas for drawing because when used properly they look completely different than without shades and everything... but the main point in making this is to ask how i use the clear blender? ive put it on top of the colros beneath the colors over the whoel colors or just the connection point...how the fuck do i blend with this stupid thing it just makes where i draw look lighter like it was stained with a weak bleach
  14. i cpomlpetely dig this style man...looks great....hope its not done though...casue it has so much raw potential in this state
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