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  1. Damn Revise i really like that canvas, the different types of graff thrown into it looks sick, i stopped by your show with my boy hest and just wanted to say thanks again for that paint hook up, keep up the sick paint
  2. Why was this thread even made........POINTLESS
  3. Im really likin dis one, dope colorin job....one
  4. im from the burbs... You want me to fake the funk and say "Yo! im from chicago sohn!! " :shook: Quoted post [/b] Yea HECZ Rep. the Chicago Suburbanites all the way!!!
  5. Yo destruction you cant hate on Obey just because hes gotten his stickers known to the point that he doesnt have to do it himself. You should give him props for being able to get that known.
  6. aMp

    Character Post

    New Characters Beginning of head Full Body Character Punk
  7. nikes Yea bro those nikes are ugly if youre gonna do shoes at least take your time with em
  8. Idiot? Yo Chicagokid i dont know if youre just that fucking dumb but rob is my ACTUAL NAME and just because i write a word doesnt mean thats what i call myself in your own little "graffiti world" and sorry i attempt to progress my drawing instead of ripping on someone for what they draw...get a life You talk alot of shit about everyone elses shit and you post this: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Face One naw man i aint gonna hate if u write phate or fate... do your thing man for sure! sorry i didnt
  9. School Pen Sketches What do ya think? Writin My Name True Real
  10. ^^Yo Thanks Propaganda Yo if anyone is interested in any canvas' or anything like that or if you wanna trade hit me up on aim: Robisbd
  11. yo stomah yo stomah if you wanna buy that piece hit me up on aim my sn is rob is bd
  12. New.....What do ya think Quick little Wood Piece 3 Pieces of Wood In Progress........
  13. Park/Dork Is it just me or does almost every piece of Parks look basically the same as all of Dork stickers or maybe im just seein something
  14. aMp

    Character Post

    New Charac. New shit i just drew up like a week ago just wonderin what everyone thinks.
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