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  1. "Were still here... even though you think you see us ,you cant see us. Yea get on our level, Fuck graff . Takin over corprate America soon. Then the world. We dont call ourselves an army for nothin . Wait till our worlds collide. Hell wont divide." ???
  2. "you cats keep your distance cos your scared i might flip in a instance when i was filled with innocence i was still commiting sins half of you cats are sweet like cinnamon i'll shove a knife in your grin i run with convicts and stick up kids that will rob you for 6 bucks bitch we flip right before you expect it cuz we were neglected as children now we're hectic we shot men and we rob gems i seen cats that used to glock me now i glock them got easier access to a glock ten in case one in your face is the only option." NECRO - OUR LIFE
  3. my bad deaferson........ didnt know
  4. Straight up that was from the heart . Fuck you ..... singed ..... The crew of Devolz In My Muthafuckin head that force me to walk with death in my pocket for the curious oner ...... hows is it im so sane that im insane?
  5. ask ins i toldem it would be rigged, since 4 weeks ago...so i didnt bother wit it..-HALO
  6. awwww man ners why did you go over that faded leuroth, nigga dont even live here no more .....
  7. And they said minnie was fuckin retarded... when the whole time she was fuckin goofy....wakka wakka wakka
  8. Man that shit is fun as fuck.. beautiful even when its a car.. even better when its a mercedes or lexus, youd be wasting time doin it to a geo or some shit, but that shit is bad karma.. i blame my last two yrs of hell on that shit.. ahhh fuck it. Whos down....???
  9. cept for the whole workin shit.... i dont have a job :D
  10. ahahaahahhahaha... fuckin A!!!
  11. whos yes . e??? looks like arobs and s3yno.....ahahahahahah...
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