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  1. Word up hommie Rags From Alburqurque....Love you brother!
  2. Word up hommie Rags From Alburqurque....Love you brother!
  3. After reading alot of these posts, from educated homeless/houseless folk, I jus wanna slap every local bum around hear, filthy drunk garbage everyware in all there camps, Mad agressive, always fucked up on something wheather its Beer/huffing/ Smoking Raid/Cheese/ These cats make people scared of them. Im an Ex-gang banger, so the pump no fear here, but DAMN, I wish they would jus clean up after themselvs, and have more self respect, because that will reflect......Dont look at me with them fucked up hazzy stares, thinking I owe you something Ya know.......Does that make any sense?
  4. Arcel have you ever done anything life risking when you where young? (ER).... Sure tha kid was stupid, i wont take that from you, but easy on him man, hes dead. His family and freinds gotta live with that shit. I can breakdown a dumbass kid ( the after school special) Kid gets drunk hates his girl freind and school, and blows his brains out. End of story. To me Subway surfing sounds like, fun, granted Id never try it. Hell even Cope was sayin in his video he used to skyline on moving subways to hide from pigs. I dont know I jus gotta hard time laughing at this vato... Peace and Respect:
  5. I know this dude thats been on probation for 7 years, works 2 jobs, (gets his wages garnished for restitution for the cases that were involved) Goes to school at a community collage, has three kids and a old lady at home, and now has a deadline because they cant extend his probation anymore. So they want him to have the balance paid in full....$3700 in two months or off to jail for 12 months......Thats okay, cuz this cats to fuckin tough for that shit , gonna beat the system at this shit, trying to keep him down, take his dignity, make him leave his family on welfare, and all ov you payin g taxes, pay for his bed space and meals, .......I wish he could jus pay for it in Drug money, but hes not much as a hustler, do it all through hard work, and close freinds.............You motherfuckas wont win!
  6. Lastnight Playing Millwright... Jabber Endr Necro Stil Sole Gime Fuser Lamer -Y- yaestuvo...........
  7. Lastnight same damn place same damn time Jus new trains. Jabber Endr Necro Stil Sole Gime Fuser Lamer
  8. vchj

    Dreadlock tips...

    I live in Eugene, so hears your list (Much like Seekings) Wash with bar soap (Only when neccisary) Much beez wax..stinky shit, but the worst is yet to come , rubber bands of coarse, Raid, Patuuli oil,and lots of sun Walla! By the way RESPECT to all the Rastas...
  9. Pier When Coupe Rots Juse Desin Deny Erupto Pestoe delk
  10. vchj

    spotted 74 kid!

    Pier when coupe rots juse desin deny erupto pestoe delk And shitload of streaks i didnt get....
  11. Damn I wish ficks of that ray cat tagging through everyones shit at the mill......
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