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  1. dudley perkins - flowers apollo - the bullyfoot march ep 3582 - vennesa from venezuela mf doom - operation doomsday lp misfits - last caress the maytals - night and day
  2. cletus

    On my travels

    flippin 'ell! id have shit it if i starting hearing electronic messages! i actually menat the destination things they have inside the train, they are lcd screens in a white box, if you look clcse enough it looks like there could be a camera hidden in the bottom of it. but as loco said this is central trains aka pikey rail im talking about.
  3. what a muppet! i clocked some posters in covent garden with his face on with the word 'cunt' on his forehead and the catchy tag line"watch me shit my pants in a perspex box! thats what i call magic you saps!" :lol: :lol:
  4. cletus

    On my travels

    heh heh, a little tatty round the edges! that creak thing is still rollin,saw it today. on a side note are there cameras inside of the posh centrals? (the green ones that is?) i know theyve got em on chilterns (i think they are in the electronic destination thingy).
  5. cletus

    Updated Sites,

    http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/gallery57/g57i4.JPG'> grazinginthetrash london getting sticky wiv it guvnor.
  6. cletus

    On my travels

    rtn, backjump by the looks of it! caught this mornin on those oh so scruffy centrals! http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/rtn.jpg'> :dazed:
  7. scrap metal? get out my way stinkbags!
  8. the bit where they are walking through the casino and gonzo starts to lean backwards, but he leans to far and falls over. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. cletus

    On my travels

    sod that its all bout random thrupnee bits! http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/tts.JPG'> :lol:
  10. cletus

    28 Days Later

    quality film! the shots of london town completley abandoned are amazing.
  11. the moment that i read bodice's post.
  12. cletus

    On my travels

    http://www.nacksoj.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/tentacle.jpg'> thumbs up! nice stuff jackson
  13. cletus

    On my travels

    there some proper sick bastards out and about!
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