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  1. rip it sucks when you know you will never see someone again on this plane. another person thats dead on a highway, the only thing that differentiates him from us is that he didnt have a spraycan in his hand. we should all be able to relate to this and learn from it. my cat of 14 years died this week so i understand man, its crappy. in solidarity with deto, toyeattoywar :confused:
  2. id be willing to bet that this shit is in nostradamus' writings somewhere.
  3. damn. is the bottom one eating the top one? thats really intense. i dont think those look as friendly as taranchulas are. is there any equivalent in american deserts?
  4. toyeattoywar


    yeah, dont you remember... okay not really. no. i promise i wont bite. hows that?
  5. toyeattoywar


    palestine do you have aim?
  6. the more i hear people talk the more i realize they dont know shit, assumptions are killing all of you. hey tease, whats your aim name?
  7. wristrockets have some pretty amazing aim. i havent been able to get access to one in years without buying it but its been on my list of things to purchase for awhile now. if you shoot stuff with the right force behind it you can get some serious damage going on. i shot someone with a bb gun once. he proceeded to try to cut off my ears. i didnt think it was a very fair trade but i guess it was supposed to be that way. i ran many blocks jumping fences in allies trying to escape his wrath. scary stuff.
  8. i have a slingshot too. i write phone numbers and keep appointments in it. its neato.
  9. "yep. its nice to meet you guys again too. did you guys have a good week? yeah thats good, me too. i, was uhh; i had to go to work in the rain on my bike, that was fucked up. it was hailing. and uhhh, the little kids across the street still throw rocks at me when i leave the house every morning but its all good, its all good." pesky kids.
  10. i dont have a problem with rich kids painting. when its the same people doing graff in a city all you see is the same 20 people with different names getting switched up. if there was a wider range of writers out there there would be more competition which would result in higher brackets of evolution as far as letter styles go and pushing spots goes. its one thing to see someone who doesnt have to work or go to school in some form of odd attempt at survival and shit but when one has to hold down a job and go to school and still kings shit, well thats dedication. anyway, how many musicians out there are born filthy rich. and fine artists. and clothes designers. and a number of other cats that change shit for the rest of us. when one has money they have more time and can spend it trying to change stuff for everyone else somehow or another. i may be poor but im definately not gonna bag on someone else cause they have it better. that elbow grease causes character among other things, some are rich with gold while others are rich in things like spirit and wisdom and inspiration. we should never count ourselves short because we dont have mad loot and bankrolls to swim in.
  11. word. and seeking brings the truth.......... again. you could always go on a 3 days tagging crusade and put in more work in those 3 days than hes ever put in in his life, you know...just to, show him how to do it. school a young brother on the hard knox of life, show him hes less than three days of work. just a thought.
  12. my apoligies. my apoligies. man, people and their credentials these days. shit.
  13. when i hear dac i think of dead alive but before i ever knew they existed i would think of dac out of the northwest. directactioncrew, a bunch of trainhoppin fools. it took me awhile to decifer if they were one and the same or not. gomer has skills.
  14. lets continue where i left off... as a matter of fact all of that was a fucking joke and right now yall are the ones proving to be "a little slow." if thats what you prefer to be called. its sarcasm, you should know that. or are you not really a doctor.
  15. SEE! its only natural. thanks for agreeing with me dr.dazzle, after all the shit that this kid has been putting people through its only natural that yall battle just like its only natural that dr.dazzles cats breath smells like cat food. its like the cat ate food so thats his consequences, this cat fucked with you so he gets crossed out until yall battle. its only natural. thanks for the backup dr.dazzle, word! im glad to see other cats out there that feel the same way as me.
  16. i know this is none of my buisness and i hate to stick my nose in it but yall are brothers in this shit, battle and get it over with. theres no reason for all the drama, battle. let somebody get put in their place and if you need judges im sure some people on 12 would be more than happy to judge but maybe you should let your local community be the judge. im really not tryng to stick my nose in it but i know ive had problems with people in my community before and when i offered up a battle to get everything resolved not only did they back down but the problems stopped. seriously though, in a sense we are all family to some degree. when brothers argue they fight but they are still brothers none the less. when its done its done so get it taken care of if your sick of the drama.
  17. everything he did was for a reason, they used to wonder why he stayed quiet, he was planning, expectations came like seasons, but filled because the way he builds is thorough, unsure though he would hide, have noone by his side while he was thinking, present it when he meant it but most of it it went without sinking in, hed been to the other side, came back, took another ride went on to learn more, concerned for his future, fellow peers and true to, eminate from him be among them hed use the, resources available to set sail, leave a trail, like a snail, so the rest couldnt fail, he wasnt the best, he gave his all though, he had this huge elaborate dream that, one day they would all know, and understand his motives why he wrote and hope they quote it, plus analyse the way his thought is interesting, mentioning his name in the same breath as say those that he respects, hed lay low and read effect from his mind power, and now his friends they can congure the wind forever strong til the end, he traveled with these men, making impact, not everything was in tact, but his blue prints were genuine, a work of art a perfect mark, he planned to leave, he worked with his hands, conceived with his brain, believed that his pain, was teaching them game, to each just a name, was how they saw him, awe him?, hes just a bumper head, someone said hes mean, his friends mother called him loser, to others he was a beadie fiend, a weirdo, someones hero, dont get near though hes an asshole, he said she said hes big headed, some kid sweated him for have it all, ballers felt he had nothing, he was small, on the large scale, large on the small, one, when its all done, its only he who knows who i am.
  18. r.i.p. damn kabar. i can relate on a couple levels, ive seen people die from smoking in my lifetime and my moms dead too so dont feel alone man. i know that what im about to say probably is absolutely no condolence for anybody right after their mom just passed of a smoking related trauma but maybe it will lighten the burden for you a small amount. i just moved into my new apartment and my roomate and i are smokers. for awhile now ive been saying that when i move in here ill be quitting. ive battled with smoking so much over the last number of months, probably moreso than ever in my lifetime. when i woke up an hour ago i was sitting on my couch lighting a cigarette thinking, "okay *****, you said you be quitting now so aint nothing to it but to do it." and then i retorted, "well yes *****, but how the hell do you expect to just up and stop again. you know how difficult its been; you should just ease out of it." so then i signed onto 12ozprophet and saw this thread and it convinced me that im quitting tonight cold turkey. so after that long ramble ill get to the part that im hoping will bring some condolence to you. even though your mom passed on (rip) through her death she has now officially reached people she didnt know and inspired them to stop. so on that note here in the next couple weeks if you find yourself chillin by a lake or overlooking a spot from a rooftop (or wherever it is you go to have kabar time) and you happen to come across her spirit (if belief structures allow you to do this) tell her toyeattoywar says thanks for the inspiration, it wasnt for nothing if nothing else. again im really sorry to here about you and your peoples loss, kabar.
  19. so i have many questions about making non silkscreen prints. what is the order of preperation for getting started? what paper size grade and texture should one use for the inital piece that you want to have printed? is there a preferred kind of ink one should use for the piece you want to have printed? once you have the design on a rough or original what should you do with it at that point? do you have to have a plate made for paperprints like tshirts? anything else one should know? thanks in advance.
  20. "dont get banned this time, dont get banned this time, dont get banned this time, dont get banned this time" we all know i used to be marlboro red.....okay that was a lie sorry
  21. "and no its not fate when i break through..." i think thats it, a line from the new g&e album no more greener grasses i dont know man, to answer your question no thats never happened to me.
  22. your right it seems none of the males answered whether or not they could actually feel an enhancment, i was most curious about males too. ive definately heard confesiionals from girls about how great they are in their own anatomy but 4 is a bit excessive i would think. sorry about thanksgiving seeks, at least you werent sitting at your house alone with 2 cigarettes no stores and a closet full of ramen...
  23. "word to drunk dead relatives, ive got a few of them myself." okay. its not a real quote, but i guess one could quote me. but then again im sure somebody out there has said it before so if we could only find them and then we could give them credit.....i dont know. maybe.
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