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  1. » DEAS Interview Interview of DEAS - CBS, WAI, FP found at SkateAllCities.com website. For more interviews of your favorite writers, log into Skate All Cities - Online Skateboarding & Graffiti Culture DEAS & ESEL 2000 DEASE SAC: What do you write? DEAS: Deas One SAC: What crews do you push and what are their underlying meanings? DEAS: CBS Cant Be Stopped, WAI Writers And Illustrators and FP Fatal Phumes SAC: How did you come up with your name and what's the meaning behind it? DEAS: HAHA... Well shit, I used to skate and well I thought that DECK would be pretty cool. I realized how quick people were to call me DICK so I nixed the DECK bit and changed it to DECE. It kinda evolved from there. SAC: When did you start and how did you get into the graff game? DEAS: Started back in like 94. I mean I did dumb shit before that like taking a crayon and scrawling up the school at night but 94 is when I used paint and made it a mission to get up. SAC: What are your reasons behind doing graffiti? (i.e. fame, fun, bitches, etc.) DEAS: Honestly... when I used to skate all my older homies used to write. They would pull out streaks and catch wreck on everything but I never paid attention to it. Then I was like damn...all that getting chased seems fun. Then it became some anarchist type shit basically telling the world to fuck off. SAC: Who or what are your influences in terms of where your style is derived from? DEAS: Shit. I have many influences. My first influences were TOLSE, CISCO, UNIT, MEAR, and AXIS. Now they vary too drastically to name. SAC: If you had to choose one and only one, would it be Quality or Quantity and why? DEAS: Sometimes I feel that it should only be about quantity and other times I feel quality by far surpasses that quantity aspect of the game. I guess the key would be a fine blend of both. SAC: What’s your best surface to paint? DEAS: Steel! SAC: How do you feel about the documentation of graffiti on the internet and the aspects involved with it such as internet fame? DEAS: I dont know man. I see the ups and the downs. The downs out weigh the ups by far. But there are ups. I think. SAC: What is your definition of “All City”? DEAS: All City is being in up in every major city within your county. Not just a tag here or there. But Spots on every major highway and good street shots as well. DEISE & ESEL 2001 DEAS in Cincinnatti "I realize now the meaning of "by the skin of my teeth". Still always wonder what all those bodies were doing there?" - DEAS SAC: Who are some of the most slept-on writers putting in work lately? DEAS: Damn. Well I know that kid AUGS is hated on pretty hard but that dude is hella slept on. SAC: Which brand of paint do you prefer using and why? DEAS: Krylon for the sharp clean cuts and Rusto to blast shit out. SAC: Rack or Buy? DEAS: Used to rack when I had nothing to lose but I'm getting old. I BUY MY SHIT! SAC: Any memorable or crazy missions you would like to share with us? DEAS: Damn. Way too many missions to pick one but I will try. Well there was this one really cool story that seems like some X-Files shit. Me and ESEL were about to hit this roof top in Down Town Los Angeles when we noticed some crazy shit within the building. Like piles and piles of people practically laying on top of one another. So we are tripping and ding our investigating when an alarm sounds and like no joke... we we're pretty much surrounded. Cops all over the damn block as far as I could see. We broke on some movie type shit from roof to roof. Barely got away on that one. I realize now the meaning of "by the skin of my teeth". Still always wonder what all those bodies were doing there? SAC: Best place(s) you’ve ever painted? DEAS: Oh man. Cincinnati freeways. SLEEPING!!! SAC: What are your Top 5 Colors? DEAS: Teracotta, Teal Blue, Safety Green, Ultra Flat Black, Harbor Blue SAC: Who are the Top 5 Bombers of all time? DEAS: Ayer, Tolse, Cisco, Oiler, 125 SAC: What has being a graf writer done for you so far? DEAS: HAHAHAHA! Fuck up my life! DEASER DEAS SAC: What is your advice to the new jacks that want to get into the graf game? DEAS: If you're gonna do it. Do it whole heartedly! No pussy shit! All or nothing. SAC: Where do you see yourself in the game 15 years from now? DEAS: Lounging in Acapulco with young honies serving me up! SAC: Any thanks or shout-outs? DEAS: Thanks to my kids for keeping me sane. Thanks to RICKS for being inspirational! Cheddar Time. DEAS WholeCar CBS by DEAS in Cincinnatti DEAS DEAS DEAS 2001 DEAS DEAS DEASE DEAS in Cincinnatti
  2. Found an interview with DEAS at Skate All Cities - Online Skateboarding & Graffiti Culture Interesting stuff.
  3. COLT45 Interview http://www.SkateAllCities.com - Online Skateboarding & Graffiti Culture COLT45 & MECA WH :king:
  4. COLT45 Interview http://www.SkateAllCities.com - Online Skateboarding & Graffiti Culture COLT45 over KET Spotted in Miami.
  5. COLT 45 Interview with some ill flicks. Check it out. You need to register with a valid email address and they will send you an email back where you have to click on the link to finish the registration process. http://www.SkateAllCities.com - Online Skateboarding & Graffiti Culture Colt45 over KET in Miami :king:
  6. The ABC's of graffit............................ :king:
  7. ORKID & ROTGUT?!! Wuuuutttt! :haha: :haha: :haha:
  8. I'ma have to say XRAE takes the cake.
  9. DREW FLY ID................ :king:
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