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  1. High High High Myth Navy 8 Eye Mover The solo artist Tre Sovie Erupto Worm and that Smash really is holding up DTTuff
  2. dime eye cha atak and leaving your dog in a bag next to the tracks.
  3. jabs ef oze108 veks diar kiroe dkal saer chris damsel begr kept erupto sigh eye
  4. jaber sigh spoter erupto worm
  5. puzzle the man, the myth, the legend...
  6. damn, snail really likes pink. GAY???
  7. life diar saer snail eatfuck sigh erupto eye paus porer blah blah blah...
  8. High Erupto Sigh Eye Life Riot Atak
  9. Diar Tre Necs Erupto and good ol' Panty-RADE
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