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  1. http://www.sportslogos.net/annuals.php?l=6 ^check out 1949 National Basketball Association Logos. _b
  2. ^new calexico. great album. the one and only james jean did the artwork. http://www.processrecess.com/ _b
  3. yeah the whole burlesque camp is quite amazing and inspiring. http://www.colorsmagazine.com/issues/60 ^this is designed nicely. _b
  4. http://www.thoughtviper.com/inexob/archive.html ^intresting & fun. _b
  5. ^i just landed this camera above. polaroid. J33 adapter for type 38 color film. could anybody drop some knowledge about it? where could i grab some film for this classic? thanks. _b
  6. those glow pigs are wild. _b *please download african eggs digbats... http://www.houseoflime.com/dings/africaeggs.htm
  7. ^ who did this? i found it at work and scanned. i think its from an older arkitip. _b
  8. http://signs.misstracyjo.com/ ^nice. http://www.burlesquedesign.com/store.htm ^great. everyone. anyone. _b
  9. http://www.mynameismelvin.co.uk/ http://www.thesmallstakes.com/ http://www.ledouxville.com/mainpage.htm http://www.pietariposti.com/ http://www.moirahahn.com/ http://www.chinesecontemporary.com/artist.php?artistID=29 http://illustrationmundo.com/ http://www.mrkimsays.com/news/ _b
  10. sometimes they come back. _b
  11. ^drawing i did during a long meeting today at work. boxguts is my friend who has an album coming out next month. nothing special. _b *that photographer above has some great stuff. thanks.
  12. some new finds/scans... -b
  13. http://www.doolinguitars.com/videos/knockonwood.mov ^fun -b
  14. ^rolling fast in kansas. caught a couple weeks ago. while driving across country. stay safe ken and sfr. -b
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