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  1. one of the best threads in recent memory :lol: my bad thought u were done
  2. I was really digging this thread a couple months back, get it back on track people. That really is a shame about the pink panther car however, that shit was dope. Although these cars are rare its not worth losing tons of panels over. my .02 anyways. And to add to this thread with more then just text, this photo is courtesy of (V)oluntary (∀)mputation on Flickr. Spotted recently in New Hampshire.
  3. the car that has always eluded me. i really would love to get one of these, 1 nice day photo and im happy.
  4. a lot of really nice pieces out of the TCI camp in this thread.
  5. jesus christ there is a lot of crap on these cars.
  6. everyone is entitled to their opinion, and its impossible to please everyone but the part about a lot of the footage being the same as war, or that its like looking through the LA thread isn't necessarily true. thanks for the feedback everyone good or bad, we hope some of yall enjoy it, its actually been doing well and the feedback has been better then expected. I hope some of yall can understand this really is only done due to our own appreciation for graffiti, while the video is for sale, and a little money can be made from producing DVD's the amount of time, work and effort that
  7. RIP to a great friend, a dope writer and a true individual. Dash we will continue your legacy for a long time to come.
  8. why does this skaro guy keep typing to me like im over here trying to post paperwork on anyone? I could give a fuck, this is the most ive payed attention to this web forum in years. All i've said the entire time is that i think this IS the place where snitches in the graffiti community should be put on blast. You guys disagree, that's fine it's your site and you have made a compelling argument as to why it should stay off here. What i find offensive is that you guys keep trying to tell me what a snitch is, when i know yall dont have the credentials to tell me a god damn thing ab
  9. i get the strong feeling that nobody in here commenting has ever done anything bad enough to even warrant being snitched on. sure maybe a little graffiti that will end up with a probation case, wow pretty intense guys. when graffiti is the worst thing you have ever done in your life, these comments arent really so surprising anymore, i should remember what site im reading this on. Still, i just cant get over the fact that dudes are in here still talkin bout putting a snitch on blast is still the same as snitching. I cant get past that part. If yall just want to run with the "T
  10. that was a long response, ill just respond with a "you're wrong" on so many different levels and leave it at that. Ill leave the mediating to yall, you seem to be doing a knock out job. and a "lol" @ the cult of skaro is definitely in order as well. *edit* i real quickly am reminded why i resorted to the dont bother approach on this site many years ago.
  11. I dont know what you write shai hulud but lets be real here about your comment on why someone from SF would like to know about what goes on in DC. Most people that i know that really write graffiti travel around the country and sometimes the world to paint. When doing so (for me) sometimes i end up going out and painting with complete strangers. (we all have done it). It's because of that fact its good to have a heads up on people i should stay away from and i think we should all have that same heads up.
  12. Pointing out snitches is not the same as snitching. What mayberry ass town are you Dirty dozen fellas from? Seriously, where did yall grow up? This is disgusting, i whole heartedly agree with what Colt said in regards to a site like this being exactly where this kind of information is best stored. Look when someone gets in trouble, im the first to say that the news article and things of that nature should probably be kept off this site. When someone uses there government name to help get another person from our community in trouble then that person should be put on blast. Governmen
  13. FeelMode 2 DVD trailer, St Louis gets more love
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