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  1. Jucerock


    This shit is all crap, pure CRAP. I will burn everybody postin on here. To all the people in jeff city and columbia painting, my crew will make a trip out there and chill with yous. My boy dj's shit out there all the time. All the people from from st. louis talk a lot of shit, cause thats all they can do, talk. they're all scared, and they are runnin'. Why dont you see my shit on here? Because in this city ive had beef with all these punks for YEARS. To all the mid'missouri writers, ao will be comin to your town soon soon, so holler if you want to roll with champs. wiggers need not apply, i hate you motherfuckers, oh yeah this is funny because ld used to think i was a wigger. hilarious! there are people of color in my crew, but we dont give points to wannabe's. thank you and have a good day. ;)
  2. Jucerock


    im gonna bring a camera and post pictures of us kickin your asses on here.
  3. Jucerock


    Come and try to "mob" on us, all you pussies are catchin a beat down. And all your paint and whatever else we want will become ours too, just like your boys cell phone.
  4. Jucerock

    REAL age of 12oz users

    22 bro, painting since 13, drinking since i was born, seriously it was in my baby bottle. My liver's awesome.
  5. Jucerock


    I think you just upset his blackness. :(
  6. Jucerock

    Salt Lake City

    god bless polygamy.
  7. Jucerock


    thats nice little kid, i really liked all that toy shit mr. kink. How bout i buy you a stick of gum and teach you how to chew it. Wars on the hunt. Shout to my large penile region. what what.
  8. Jucerock


    EGOPROBLEM, you guys always say this and that about us, but all youre doin is puttin my name up all over the internet(thanks), and sounding like a bitch. I hate this going back and forth on the internet bullshit, i hope to see you at a wall one day. If u can back up what u say, maybe I will lose a fight. Big fuckin deal, im not scared of ld's, my crews not scared. Ive been painting for a long time for being from st.louis, 8 years. Oh and one more thing, i never got where you guys heard I was a wigger from? I go to a lot more metal and punk shows than I do hip-hop. Peace out from the number one wigger.. :gaga:
  9. Jucerock


    Yo agro, that piece on top is sizzick bro, pass that purple stuff homeskillet.
  10. Jucerock


    First off I aint gone over nobody for a long time, ive been street bombin homie. Second if my boys choose to go over anybody they got good fuckin reason. You show me anybody else in stl who in the past three months who has done near as many street level fill-ins. they might only be up for a few days but thats the shit were on right now. Last but not least mung was fuckin jumped by himself under a fuckin bridge by at least 5 people who were scared to scrap one on one. Well post flics soon. NEWD WARS TAKE BEAS SIC PMILL RUDE SNAP
  11. Jucerock


    All you little dick ridin fags know where to get at us, and as for ass beatings you should know better. That whole little crew of fags got punked by multiple ao's and your boy saer got his ass whooped by wars so watch your fuckin mouth. :shook:
  12. Jucerock


    crazy shit I didnt know people in jeff city and columbia did anthing besides go to college or fuck farm animals. pretty decent shit though. and whowever wrote that shit about amos and horse like theyre runnin shit must be one of their boys, those flakes dont do shit besides a speckle here and there and mostly either get punked or choked by AO's. ssshit, pay some dues.
  13. Jucerock

    what too do while bombing.

    Just do that shit, if your scared quit graffiti. We bomb in broad daylight, most of our graffiti is done between 5 and 10, cuz the night is for getting fucked up. If youre in a fucked up ass city like mine people dont give a fuck. Ive been approached so many times man, and every time they just say" hey nigga, that shit tight,yo put my set up for me."
  14. Jucerock

    drunkest bombers

    Me and Mung chasin the brews with fat ass blunts...ALLOUT....
  15. Jucerock

    The "Ansiq" Thread

    Is it just me or does that style of drawing on the stickers look familiar? Did you do the artwork on freddy got fingered? I swear thats the same style as "x-ray cat" and "zebra's in america". Anyways dope fucking shit all the way through man, much props!