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  1. el barto


    hey im in tokyo for about a month, i wanted to try to link up with some writers if thats possible. im from hawaii/sf and i really cant speak japanese. i know people are sketched about meeting people off this site and with good reason to. most are weirdos. however if you are down to meet up get at me. much appreciated. if not ill be around and ill post up some flicks of stuff i come across. of course most the wanto things ive spotted have been posted.
  2. i had fun there, plus i was stuck being that my sister lives over there.
  3. i have no clue about cricket but i spent a bit over a month in the gold coast and playing bbq drinking cricket was super fun. i love australia.
  4. what did you do to your wrist? knocking out mokes or what
  5. dag had shit left of two one but got avoided
  6. act like a batch you get called a batch
  7. thats straight polk street
  8. yeh the city aint to pretty right now. even my socks are wet.
  9. el barto


    9. act like you were agreeing with the opposition the entire time
  10. "s0rRy gtg ttyl @ heAven"-i got dibs on this one
  11. el barto


    this could start and stop with a number 1. like this 1.scroll fast, dont really read, then go check your myspace.
  12. thank god itll be on myspace, i can blog about it
  13. sf is good though theres more good food joints around then fast food. it hurts the wallet though
  14. for some reason it seems like fast food is getting harder to enjoy. or maybe its just me. i can put it down me but thats the extent of it.
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