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  1. Theres a feature on Banksy in the new Esquire. They named him one of their "best & brightest". It includes the writers story of flying to England with the hopes meeting him and conducting an interview and photos of his works, of course.
  2. I watched that loser mayor on Donny Deutsch`s show on CNBC. Its unbelievable that he runs a city that makes its money from people losing their mortgages on games of blackjack, the sex trade, celine dion, and he wants graffiti writers to lose parts of their body. What a twisted fuck!
  3. you people are a bunch of dorks. I love slutty girls on halloween.
  4. in the new issue of Money magazine, there is an article on the new $10 bill design that is coming out and they also had several artists design a $10 bill, one of those featured artists happened to be Espo
  5. chuck taylors are played however flip-top grolsch is some top-notch
  6. those flicks from toronto are hot !
  7. northeastballs


    when cycle mber JIVE !
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