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  1. how are we gonna know which songs by doom are which samples?
  2. thought this thread was about lloyd banks
  3. http://king-of-the.net/shreds.html jesus is back and ripping
  4. Gesd


    Im really confused as of where akanyc went. I thought it was coming out september 28th no? I have been checking the website daily but nothing. Did i miss something?
  5. Yeah what the hell ive been waiting all day for an update. Does any one have ANY idea of where to pick this up.
  6. hHAHAHAHAH mark gordon is my dads best friend, he sorta lives at my house. Weird.
  7. Haha i was typing in 12oz and look where i ended up. http://12ozprophets.com/ Anyone else ever made this mistake?
  8. Gesd


    Yeah I mean Jest has alife, you cant really one up him on that.
  9. There probably one of my favorite groups out there right now but you guys dont honestly think theyre good lyricists do you? There really so bad at rapping that they are amazing.
  10. You were just on fecal face. Travis right? amazing work its so out there.
  11. Then who is it made for?
  12. Gesd


    Hate to support em' but Pharrel did a crossover with Bape and Louie Vuitton and produced some good looking frames (only looking at the red ones the rest are waccccck) http://www.hypebeast.com/archives/2005/05/...llxl.php#000385.
  13. Your either talking about the brand new SB Team edition Delta Forces Asia Exclusives. Or your talking about the Supas. Either one i think will be hard to find. But the deltas havent dropped yet.
  14. for biting every other wack graffiti clothing company out there. Writers dont even wear this shit.
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