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  1. "MY LIFE WITH A JAY-DUB" So I'm married to a Jay-Dub (JW, Jehova witness), as some people call em...She aint "baptised" in the religion or else we wouldnt never gotn married...She was just brought up in the religion like the rest of her family (her mom n pops and a couple sisters are baptised )..Shes a truly believer, but shes not ready to dedicate her whole life to jehova yet...They dont celebrate no kinda Holidays, birthdays or anythin...In a way thats good for me cause her family is huge, and I dont have to spend shit load of money on presents n shit :haha: ...Her family really likes me, even doe I aint into nun of that religion stuff. I just believe that theres a good upthere n thats it...I also respect the fact that sometimes she wants to go to the kingdom hall (church)...I dont mind at all, that just shows me that she has faith in god...The only thing that does bother me and I think on the personal level, is fuken ignorant..is that they dont take blood at the hospital..For example if one of them was dyin and the only way to save em is with a blood transfussion (sp), they rather have them die than take blood..I dont like that, cause we have a baby together n I think that if our baby was dyin (knock on wood) and she needed blood, I wouldnt think fuken twice bout it, as for her she would let our baby die..FUK THAT SHIT, u feel....I went to a few conventions, huge shit , I mean thousands of people ...It was coo, people lookin at me funny cause of the way I look doe..had to take piercings off and had to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover tatz..lol..and since i also have a goatee and they all clean shaved, I was bein stared at left and right..It was a nice different experience u feel..I mean as long as they dont try to brainwash me into it, I'll keep goin once in a while and keep supportin my wife...I mean I met her that way and i aint expectin for her to change..Same goes for me, she knows I love graffiti and she supports me 114%..and I know she knows I aint never goin to change my lifestyle...All of them are pretty nice and polite, they dont cuzz and they are really honest...I know a lot of people dont like em n I understand...They could be kinda pushy, But be polite to them n believe they will stop..lol..Shit even my wife said she went Preaching (knockin on doors..lol)..to my house before... :haha: ..thats sum funny shit....When I first started dating my wife, she asked me if I wanted to go to to the kingdom hall with her..Not knowin what that meant, I was like, "YYYeeeeyyyy ama get to knock on doors"..She got really butthurt, but i told her I was just playin..lol...Anywayz, thats my life with a JW...thanx for readin..peace...
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