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SOFA WENT........

Discussion in 'Brick Slayers' started by *SIZEROKS*, Dec 10, 2001.


    *SIZEROKS* Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 16, 2001 Messages: 7,001 Likes Received: 0
    some of these have already been posted........
    [img]http://freephoto-i.net/users/SizeroK/wentRock.jpg'>sorry bout the size........
  2. I_Love_Freights

    I_Love_Freights New Jack

    Joined: Sep 23, 2001 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0
    That Sofa stuff is nice..

    I particularily like the STAIN on that hopper.. nice work..

    caligraphy styles look so nice riolling by on the lines.
  3. Al Green

    Al Green Veteran Member

    Joined: Mar 24, 2001 Messages: 8,561 Likes Received: 1

    very hot.

    IHATEU 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Nov 30, 2000 Messages: 10,238 Likes Received: 330
    went is a very under rated writer that deserves alot more recognition ...has a great understanding for letters...class and fresh ass conections with that traditional FC/COD style...has always been a favorite of mine...
  5. graf-freely!

    graf-freely! Member

    Joined: Nov 16, 2001 Messages: 556 Likes Received: 0
    that blue and silver sofa on that bnsf fr8 is ill!went is dope too nice post! one time some one tagged on a u-haul i was using and those fuckers tried charging me 200 dollars for it! any way nice stuff
  6. ted bundy

    ted bundy New Jack

    Joined: Oct 30, 2001 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0
    you quoted that dilated peoples a little wrong
  7. beardo

    beardo Guest

    5 0 5

    very nice.

    *SIZEROKS* Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 16, 2001 Messages: 7,001 Likes Received: 0
  9. taper

    taper Elite Member

    Joined: Nov 29, 2000 Messages: 4,509 Likes Received: 0
  10. bigguy

    bigguy Senior Member

    Joined: Oct 12, 2001 Messages: 1,557 Likes Received: 0
  11. souper douper.
    3rd & 5th down are nice
  12. ASTISM

    ASTISM Guest

    Big Up SIZE - whats the deal my nigga? Catching wreck with homeboy AROE and STAIN - Yal should come back out to the east again...

    ASTISM EDKash, HGStyleism ® 200ones
  13. Boring Bastard

    Boring Bastard Elite Member

    Joined: Feb 1, 2001 Messages: 3,784 Likes Received: 1
    Very nice thread!!!!!! Very nice thread!!
  14. o.g.sofa1

    o.g.sofa1 Guest