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  1. this is nothing new....i remember riding marta (metro atlanta rapid transit authority) years ago and seeing projection ads through the tunnels.
  2. a better look at the siner.
  3. thanks i found them just find with the link you posted.
  4. slick, X out just his first name and tag and post the link.
  5. whatever.... dats dat shit.
  6. happy birthday dum dum. how'd the show go?
  7. debtoner...that's that shit.
  8. yescacre anything's possible.
  9. I got the williams... :( Quoted post [/b] "my bills are so old i call em William now." sigh6 hands please.
  10. i didn't read the whole thread either, so i'm sure this point was made.... Late Registration Dropped Aug. 29th. He made the statement on Sept. 2nd. Man knows how to sell an album.
  11. where are the debtone hands? i wanna see i wanna see!!!! that's the homey.
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